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10 Places You Never Thought To Clean

    Who wouldn’t adore a neat and clean house, where everything is flawlessly shining and reflecting like they’re brand new? Though such desires are certainly not practical, keeping everything dust-free is what one can easily manage. However, despite all those efforts and what your cleaning schedule looks like, be it on weekends or a regular vacuuming session, there are always areas of neglect, offering a perfect space for dust and germs to lurk around. We have a list of ten such places you must positively include in your next cleaning routine. 

    Clean Those Home Appliances

    Regularly used cleaning appliances in your home, like washing machines, dishwashers, and even your vacuum cleaner, require maintenance. Cleaning them once in a while ensures the longevity of these domestic devices and also proper functioning. There are various guides online, offering an in-detail explanation on how to handle and clean such items. It does not take much effort, and even cleansing once a month works just fine for them.

    What About Your TV Remote Controls

    One of the most customarily used items in any household is easily TV remotes. Almost every person in the house is in front of the TV at some point, switching between channels. Truthfully, you’d be lucky if someone with a cold hasn’t touched it. Your universal remote control doesn’t have to carry all those germs and grease, impacting everyone’s health, especially kids. Cleaning them is not tedious or even time-consuming; you can do so with just a cotton bud and disinfectant. Just make sure you have the batteries removed, and you’re good to go.

    Reach For Every Nook And Cranny 

    While vacuum cleaning sure does eliminate dust and dirt, it hardly reaches spots such as underneath the furniture and behind that refrigerator. It is spaces like these, which escape your cleaning routine, gathering all the dirt and items you thought had gone missing. Buying a cleaner to accommodate such areas or shifting these items on weekends is your best bet to get it all thoroughly cleaned up. 

    Polish Off Those Germs From Handles And Knobs 

    Your door handles, kitchen knobs, and light switches are some of the most frequently and commonly touched surfaces, and it’s not just family members using those, but even guests. Therefore, wiping germs and grease off the handles becomes vital. Using a simple cloth and a disinfectant or a chemical-free homemade cleaner (vinegar and equal parts water) on a regular basis can profoundly boost the cleanliness around your home.

    Behind Your Toilet

    Regular cleaning of bathrooms and toilet seats is undoubtedly a routine and of utmost importance for everyone. But, how often do you take a peek at what rests behind it? Most people neglect the area inadvertently, resulting in the mustering of dust balls and hair. 

    Keep Dust Off Your House Plants

    You might water the plants around your house regularly and have fancy shelves and arrangements for them, but do you also wipe the leaves? The leaves of these little friends of yours can easily catch dust from the surrounding, dispersing it with the wind whenever someone passes by and even gather grime from the cooking. You can easily wipe bigger leaves one-by-one with a damp cloth, but make sure you support the leaves with your hands so as to prevent any damages. As for plants with much smaller leaves, you can simply turn them upside down in a tub full of water while holding the soil in place with the other hand.

    Your Smartphones And Tablets 

    Everyone is probably aware of how smartphones and tablets are almost like a breeding ground for germs and bacterias. They are the most used devices and are carried almost everywhere, home or not, accompanying one even in the bathroom in some cases. While cleaning them is essential, you can’t just use simple household cleansers on them, as it can seriously damage the electronics. Instead, try using cotton buds and a mixture of vinegar and part water to eliminate grease and bacterias. 

    Dishes You Do Not Use 

    Doing dishes is one of the most common household activities, but what about the utensils that are not used much or are in the extras? All the kitchen items attract grease and dust, which disperses while cooking, but it is even worse for the unused pots and pans. They can layer up the oil, etc., which gets thicker with time. Schedule a kitchen day, bring out all utensils, and give them a thorough soap wash under the running water.

    Light Bulbs Seek Cleaning Too

    Do you think the lights are getting dimmer, feel a slight smell around the lights, and where do you think all that excess smoke of cooking, etc. go? It’s all up layering on your lightbulbs. The grease and grime stick to the light bulbs, especially those around the dining area, resulting in sticky coats, which cause the issues mentioned above. However, one must be extra careful while handling lightbulbs, ensuring they wipe them gently.

    Your Toys Of Your Furry Friend

    Taking care of a pet requires much more effort than you think. Simple bathing sessions are just not enough. The toys and bedding of your pet need equal attending as yours, if not more. You need to occasionally wash the toys with soap and disinfectant and change the beddings to avoid the smell you might have noticed. Furthermore, regular cleaning of such items also promotes the overall health of your four-legged pal.


    Cleaning is a never-ending process, but the calm and peace of mind one gets after a thorough cleaning session is unmatched. From simple household items like toothbrush holders to bigger stuff like dryer vents and game consoles, we tend to miss many areas and items while cleaning. Though they do not pose any visible harm, the accumulating dirt is not safe either. So try not to forget to clean these simple spaces during your next attempt at a spotless home.