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10 Things In Your Home That Could Make You Some Serious Cash

    You never know when you might need some extra cash to pay for bills, car repair, gifts, etc. Depending on budget, most families divide their monthly income according to their necessities and save any extra cash. But what if you require urgent money and there are no savings? Well, the answer might be in your house. We all have those items we don’t use stored in our garage or a closet somewhere in the house, and these items collect dust. Most people tend to undervalue and underestimate their belongings, but some people are willing to pay serious money for some of your things. With the world’s current conditions, inviting people to your house might not be a great idea but do not worry, we have a solution for this problem. Selling unused and unwanted items is a great idea; it brings you extra cash and helps reduce the clutter.

    Branded Clothes

    Keeping the world’s current situation in mind, it is easy to say that you don’t have many social gatherings or events to attend, which means that you don’t need any extravagant or over the top branded clothes. With many social gatherings canceled due to the pandemic, the idea of dressing up in a designer gown or outfit seems a little far-fetched — which leads to the question, ” Do you really need all those clothes?”

    Look in your closet, is there any designer piece of clothing that you wouldn’t mind parting with, any clothing item in mint condition, and can be resold for a pretty penny. If you want to avoid the in-store experience and want more control of the pricing, then online sites such as eBay and Poshmark are an excellent option.

    Parking Space

    If you have an extra garage space you do not use; you can rent it out on different apps and websites such as Spacer.

    Apps such as Spacer connect individuals looking for convenient and affordable parking space for their cars and commute near their homes with people who have a car space or spare garage. These apps allow garage space owners a seamless way to earn extra income. Many users have earned up to  $6,000. Per year by renting out their extra garage space. It might not sound very easy, but it is. It only takes 10 minutes to list your parking space online. 


    We all have unwanted furniture that’s collecting dust in the attic, garage, or storage unit. Selling your furniture at consignment stores is a very convenient option for many. It offers the owner a percentage of the final price, but apart from this, one can also sell extra and unwanted furniture on Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace.

    Many individuals have earned up to $1,000 by selling unwanted furniture and other such items on Craigslist. The most important tip to keep in mind is to make sure you post several pictures of the thing you want to sell. Provide all the information related to the product, like brand information, description. Also, provide photos from all different angles. Make sure you research the prices of similar products online. An additional tip, make yourself available by email or phone so that interested buyers can contact you quickly. 

    Mobile phones

    If you like to keep up with technology, you likely have a few older, out of trend, outdated phones. If you are an iOS lover, you will most likely change phones according to the latest versions.  

    Mobile phones still have value, even if damaged. As long as the device is functional, a broken screen or a battery defect does not matter—older models still have some value. IOS products indeed sell quicker and also get a better price than android devices.


    If you are a retired bibliophile, that means if you once loved reading and have now lost interest in this beautiful hobby, then the chances are that you might have a book collection. Or if, by chance, you have a stack of books lying around your house and you’re not a great bookkeeper, then selling them is the best option for you. It will help clear out some space and will also bring you good money. 

    Selling books online is very easy; the first step is to check if you have any first edition books or books autographed by any authors; such books have great value in the market.  The best site where you can sell books without any hassle is Amazon. All you need to do is scan your book using the free Amazon seller app; after you have scanned your books, this app will tell you the current value of your books online. You can now list your books on the app and price them according to the app’s suggestions. Apart from Amazon, there are various other sites where you can list your books to sell them. 

    Selling books online can also be turned into a business plan. You can make your own website where you can sell books. This way you can avoid the extra service charge.

    Musical instruments

    Most of us have gone through the musical phase in our life; we all have bought guitars and drum sets to fulfill our rock band dream. But if in case this band fantasy of yours never materialized, then you can sell your musical instrument and get some good cash. Selling musical instruments online is very easy; all you need to do is provide information, photos, and a complete description of your product on sites such as Amazon or Craigslist. Keep in mind that these sites charge an assistance fee.


    Suppose you have a jewelry piece that is no longer your style or was a gift from an ex you want to forget. For example, a necklace you inherited from your grandmother is no longer a trend; then you should consider selling it for cash. 

    To get full value for your item, you should consider getting your jewelry pieces appraised by a professional. Fine jewelry pieces can be worth quite a lot of money, so make sure you get your items’ worth. 


    Many households have all the computers and laptops stored in the garage or a closet. These used computers and laptops can be worth hundreds of dollars. Websites such as Gazelle,  NextWorth, and Declutter help you unload and sell these unwanted computers and laptops for cash. 

    While selling these devices, make sure you have backed-up all your data and then erased all information from the device.  


    It is common to inherit artwork that isn’t really your taste and so to avoid looking at it you might have stored the painting in your garage or attic where it is now collecting dust, well if you don’t like it why not sell it? I am sure Aunt Ruth won’t mind.  In case you have fine art, you might want to get it appraised so that you can get an idea about it’s worth, money-wise. You can sell fine arts at auction houses or can also try EBTH sales. 

    China sets

    So, formal dining isn’t your style, but you have somehow ended up with some china sets. Maybe you inherited them, or perhaps it was a house warming present, and now you don’t know what to do with them. Well, don’t sweat, you can sell them.  Websites such as EBTH, Craigslist, and eBay are a great place to sell your china set. You can also get a higher price if your china sets are made by companies such as Spode, Ralph Lauren, and Lenox. 


    If you require some extra cash, there is no need to borrow it from your friends. Instead, you can sell these things and get some extra cash for yourself.