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10 Ways To Modernize Your Home

    It’s a dream for every one of us to have a house that others envy. There’s a saying, “ A neighbor’s envy is an owner’s pride.”  Running out of ideas on how to update or modernize your home?  Here we are sharing some ways to upgrade your house stylishly without spending lots of money without following those usual trends.

    1.   Brush up with some paint

    Are you feeling bad about your drab, washed-out walls?  Just pick a can of paint and brush every wall with brilliant depth. A good coat of paint re-arranges your reality, and that’s why it’s the most stylish DIY for upgrading your home. Before you start, it is essential to know painting walls is far more than just slathering any color on the wall. Those of us who decorated our houses more than a decade ago surely have some earth tones, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but all we’re saying is maybe it’s time to upgrade. Having trouble with selecting the perfect colors? Have a glance at what we have for you:

      • For a subtle look – If you are a person who loves calmness, a Monochromatic approach is your thing. Just select various shades of your favorite color, which tends to be soothing and overlap the shades. For, say, any darker color for the wall and another shade in the same color scheme for the trim. If you always wanted that feeling of tranquility in your room, you can go for soothing colors like lavender, lilac, blue,  and soft yellows.
      • For complementing the vibrant personality in you – Choose vibrant colors and their respective shades, such as red and dark purple. You can complete these colors by choosing two colors like orange, gold, and another from the opposite side of the wheel, purple.
      • For your elegant charm – When we talk about elegance, the word neutral comes in our mind.  Neutral colors are far more than just white, off white, and beige. You can pick red-toned brown, or almond color for your walls. Remember, neutrals always give you the chance to change the room’s feel at any point in time without much fuss.


    1.   Open Floor Plans

    There are endless benefits for an open floor plan: an abundance of natural light and more space illusion.  It is effortless to make your home look airy and spacious. All you have to do is, get rid of bulkier furniture or move them around the room to create space.  If a huge cabinet or armoire is taking up a lot of space, then consider painting it ivory to make it “disappear” in the room, tricking your eyes to see more area. Another hack is to place mirrors opposite your windows. Mirrors, when placed opposite the windows, create the illusion of more space.

    1.   Update Window Treatment

    Don’t have a sea or mountain-side view but still want your windows to look stylish? Here is the solution – Windows often gets overlooked while upgrading the house because half of the time, owners get confused and fail to decide what type will suit their room. As a result,  they leave windows bare or just basic to protect their privacy. Here’s our take, windows demand to get dressed, and leaving them bare, you’re missing on a spectacular level of upgrading. The window treatment is categorized into three types:

      • Hard Window Treatment – Here, we include everything made up of hard material like wood or vinyl, such as blinds, shutters, and shades. Screens can be employed for plenty of reasons, including controlling the sunlight that enters the room, privacy, and to enhance the aesthetics of the room.
      • Soft Window Treatment – Here, we take everything made of soft material such as drapes, curtains, sheers, and roman shades.  Drapes come in different materials and colors. You can find your perfect one.  Also, consider sheer or net curtains to enhance the beauty of your windows.
      • A combination of both is called layered window treatment.
    1.   Paint wooden cabinets or furniture

    Before you paint your furniture, remember painting walls is a different thing, and brushing your furniture is a whole different thing. The best way to start is to prime up all the surfaces. Also, the primer must match the type of paint you’re choosing. For furniture, always consider satin or semi-gloss finish in latex paint. If you’re struggling with picking a color, you can select soft white. If your bathroom cabinets are dated, don’t hesitate to brush a few coats there too. White isn’t the only option. You can go with navy blue, off white, grey, or matte black. On the brighter side, painting your furniture isn’t really expensive. If you’re ambitious enough, it could be your weekend DIY task.

    1.   Get New Flooring

    If you really want to give your property a fresh change, consider re-flooring your home. You can always find wooden flooring as it provides an elegant touch. A pro tip doesn’t restrict the flooring to just one floor or room; instead, extend it to the entire downstairs. It gives your house a smooth feel. This could make your home look bigger and adds more value to it. Types of flooring to consider:

      •  Hardwood has been the most popular type of flooring in the U.S. for decades.
      • Ceramic tile is made from clay and shale. It comes in different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for any style of house.
      •  Laminate flooring is constructed with a thin veneer over plywood. Laminate flooring is a photograph under a plastic coating so it can look like any other material.
      • Vinyl is a flexible material that feels a bit soft under the foot. Cushioned vinyl has a layer of foam over it.
    1.   Consider New Light Fixture

    You may think your standard lighting system is doing an okay job, but it doesn’t really wow people. Install a new lighting system that includes spotlights, uplights, and different colors to show off your house. A new light fixture can breathe life into any home. Pay attention to the geometrical lights, which are a bit contemporary. A bunch of triangular hangings will make your living room look marvelous. Geometric faceted lamps can make your dining room look wow.

    1.   Large Mirrors

    Mirrors are always known for making statements, and now they are in trend too. Mirrors create the place look wider, spacious, and give a contemporary touch. We’re not just talking about bathrooms or entryways, but large-sized mirrors can be hung in your bedroom too.

    1.   Install a Water Filter

    Millions of people have switched to bottled drinking water for the sake of purity and taste, but here’s the deal switch to under sink built purification system. It surely is a less expensive way to obtain drinking water.

    1.   New Art Works

    If your budget allows, you can add modern artworks with simple yet trendy frames to show off your walls. Moreover, you can create your art space by hanging some of your creations or portraits in stylish frames. To begin, walk into your room and see where your eyes land first, and that is your focal point. Now that you’ve got the perfect place for your statement artwork, you can base your entire room on it. Remember, an artwork brings life to a room; you can hang some artwork related to culinary skills in the kitchen, or if it is something that depicts laughter and joy, you can hang it in the living room.

    1. Upgrade Outdated Kitchen

    The kitchen is mostly one’s favorite place in the house, and it’s vital to keep it updated. There are many ways to bring your kitchen into the present day, including modern appliances, creative use of colors, and functional design. You can consider removing the upper cabinet and modernizing your countertops.

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