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17 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2021

    Dogs are wonderful creatures that are truly a man’s best friend. Most of them are loyal and friendly, and you can always count on them to have your back. For some, dogs are their family members. However, picking a breed can be tricky since there are so many different ones out there, each different from the other. To make it easy for you, we have made a list of 17 of the most popular dog breeds of 2021. You can get to know the basics about them before making your decision.

    Labrador Retriever

    Name a dog that’s friendlier than the good old Labrador retriever! Because of their loving nature, they are among the most popular breeds this year, making them the ideal pet. You can count on your retriever to be your best friend; they’ll provide you with all the affection you need.


    These little creatures are everyone’s favorite. For starters, they come in many sizes and colors so that you can take your pick. Poodles are intelligent and loving and, therefore, the ideal family dog.

    French Bulldogs

    This breed has become popular in recent years. It’s probably because they are photogenic creatures who are absolutely gorgeous. Their cute little puppy eyes are irresistible to look at and will melt your heart. These dogs are small in size and perfect for people who live in the city.


    Beagles are at the top seven in the list of most popular breeds in 2021, and it’s not surprising why. They make for loyal companions and are also excellent hunting dogs, making them all the more appealing. These dogs are cute and happy, and you’ll want them around 24/7. To add to that, they are also easygoing and enjoy the company of others, so generally, they are not high maintenance.


    Even though this dog may appear intimidating at first, they are calm and make amazing pets if trained properly. They are cuddly and will protect their family members with their life. You can count on this breed to be a loving and loyal companion to you.


    This breed is famous for its unique shape and is also referred to as ‘sausage dogs.’  They make for loyal and friendly companions; however, their training may be slightly challenging.

    Yorkshire Terriers

    One of the most popular dogs of 2021 is small; however, they should not be underestimated because of their size. Even though they are tiny, they are well known for their ability to catch small rodents and are especially perfect for people with small apartments.

    Siberian Huskies

    A stunning breed, Siberian huskies, are one of the most popular breeds this year. They are adored for plenty of reasons starting from their mesmerizing blue eyes to their ability to protect their owners. It should be noted that this breed is hardworking and can survive harsh climates and cold temperatures.


    Cute and cuddly these little furry creatures are among the most popular this year. They are small and only weigh about 4-6 pounds. Not only are they cute to look at, but they also have a super cute personalities. Loving in nature, they rely on their owners and frequently need to show love and attention. P.s. they suffer from separation anxiety.


    Another small breed, these little ones, are beyond adorable. You’d be surprised and how aggressive they can be looking at their size, but that doesn’t stop them from being cute. They’ll perfectly fit in your bag and can be easily carried around, which is one of the reasons why they are such a go-to.

    Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzu’s are loving dogs that absolutely love spending time with their owners. They are active and playful and live up to 10-18 years. These little ones are well-behaved and affectionate in nature. However, they can suffer from separation anxiety, so make sure to spend loads of time with them.


    An all-time favorite, pugs have become popular during recent years and are on 2021’s hot list for dog breeds. Pugs are adorable, and you can spend hours just cuddling them. These little creatures weigh around 12-18 pounds and make for the perfect cuddle buddies!


    Another adorable and affectionate dog, papillons, is smart and full of energy. They are also easily trained and make for perfect home companions.

    German Shepherds

    Fiercely loyal to their caretakers, german shepherds make the best guard dogs, and that is why they are so popular. You can trust your German shepherd with your life!

    Golden Retrievers

    Famous for being cute and friendly, golden retrievers are one of the best dogs out there. They are happy creatures that make great pets. To add to that, they are also gentle and good with kids, which makes them the perfect family dogs. Golden Retrievers are easy to train, so you won’t have to spend much time and energy training them.


    These dogs are small in size and weigh about 7-10 pounds. Though they may be small in size, they make for great watchdogs, which is a bonus when it comes to them. Being sensitive in nature, they may suffer from separation anxiety, so make sure to give them enough love and attention. Overall this breed is fun and full of energy, so they’ll keep you entertained.

    Australian Shepherd

    These dogs are known to be extremely smart. They are tough dogs that are tireless and energetic. You can be sure to have a great time with them for hours in the end!

    Each of these 17 dog breeds is unique and have their own charm. That is the reason that they are among the most popular this year. Choose one that appeals the most to you and go for it, and it’ll be the best decision you ever made!