2020 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors

Most house owners don’t think much about the exterior color of their home, they seem to focus more on interior colors. That’s where they fall short because the outside paint color is where people’s perceptions start and with the proper color you can make that first impression a good one. The nice thing about exterior paint is, instead of neutral shades you can boldly play with brighter colors. The trick is to pick that proper shade of the bright color that will not only help your house stand out on the street but it will create a comfortable place you want to spend time.

1. Gray.

If you’re looking for a calming shade consider gray tones for your house exterior. Paint companies and designers are getting so many requests for gray tones that it just might be the color of the year in 2020. And who doesn’t like gray, after all, it’s a pretty welcoming color? Gray also goes well with almost any facing designs, like metal, rock, or stucco, etc.

2. Yellow.

Yellow is very versatile and a new favorite for homeowners who are looking for that bright, happy, or vibrant feel. Keep in mind we are not talking about the bright bold range of yellow, we are talking about a muted softer tone like in the above picture. Sticking to a softer yellow will still keep your home warm and welcoming but will set it apart from the neighbors.

3. Light Blue.

Light blue is that perfect balance between gray and yellow and a top choice for those of you that want a middle of the road color that still makes a calm comfortable statement. Light Blue is a winning color for 2020 and always a good choice. Light blue with darker color accents and white trim adds a classy comfortable statement to any home.

4. White.

White never goes out of style. So, it’s no surprise it’s still a top 2020 color choice. The nice thing about white is that it will bring out the color of your landscape or other items around your home. It makes your front door stand out and makes your grass look greener. White can also go with almost any other color and be used for accents like trim or shutters. It is a clean classy look that if done right will make your home stand out.

7 thoughts on “2020 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors”

    1. White trim might look OK depending on your color of beige, or you might also consider an off white for trim so its not so bright and a chocolate brown for the front door.

    2. Sounds ok but dull. Think about some more interesting scheme with more contrast. If you have a landscape that includes flowering trees or bushes, look to those colors for a hint. Or if you use potted plants on the steps or porch, pick up on a color. Say, geranium red for the door or shutters, with a lawn-green for the other of the two. Beige brick is wonderful because you can use almost any color with it. Experiment a bit with color. You will be happier than having a dull facade.

  1. Gray seems to look great when fresh but, I believe, Gray will show it’s outdated in 5 years or so. Plus, isn’t that the color of most jails/prisons? LOL

  2. I need help with the choice of the color of my front door. I want is to stand out as it is a new door being installed, Pembrook by Masonite Doors. Our siding is Savanah Wicker (Certaineed) and our shutters are a dark gray. We just resided the front of the house using cedar impression. For my front door, I was thinking about a Dark Teal color or a Dark Blue. Our porch light is a dark bronze and the new door has dark caming.. We are remodeling the inside kitchen and I am using teal in the color scheme. I was thinking of white tile on one wall in the kitchen above the stove area and painting the wooden hood housing the exhaust fan the same color as the front door. I really l,ove the Teal colors as my favorite my entire life has been Green first and Blue second.

    What is your opinion? I would say our style is transitional with a contemporary touch. Thank you for your anticipated help.

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