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2021 Best Places To Work


It was a place where people enjoy coming to work, feel free to be themselves, and have a clear understanding of their function, among other things. Regular interaction among covid-19, flexible schedules, work-life flexibility, transparent upper management, decent health benefits, and mission-driven business cultures were among the common ones observed in the award-winning firms. Gone are the days when candidates primarily considered money when considering joining a firm or organization. 

Except for the job itself, one thing that has a considerable impact on how people feel about work nowadays is the surroundings.

Everything which is part of a worker’s participation with their work, such as their relationships with peers and managers, organizational culture, space for personal growth, café, furnishings, and so on, is included in the workplace environment. A pleasant work atmosphere makes people enjoy going into work each day and constantly pushes them to stay focused and offer their maximum performance.

Cisco Systems

It is a networking company that specializes in gear powering. This year’s list is headed by the corporation that makes much of the equipment that powers the Internet, which fared better than others coping with the epidemic. When the world began to shut down, Cisco postponed previously announced layoffs and increased compensation and benefits. Cisco also managed to pay contract workers even when the company’s offices were closed. “The management team gives great attention to the protection and health of the surrounding community,” says one resident.

Company Information

Location: US

Leadership: Charles H. Robbins

Industry: Network and other communication equipment

300 Entertainment

300 Entertainment places a high value on its employees. Their CEO established a COVID Relief Effort for employees and community mental health benefits during the epidemic, including therapy. Takes a Break is a company-sponsored initiative that provides funding for workers to attend time off because of healthy lifestyle choices. A student loan aid and reimbursement scheme and 401(k) contributions were also implemented.

Company Information

Location: New York

Leadership: Kevin Liles

Industry: Media

34 Strong

Through a strong points perspective on human growth, a business consulting company transforms organizations into excellent places to operate. Their first-ever “Best Company” was created by 34 Strong! Everything consists of 3 fundamental values: a powerful spirit, a thankful mindset, and a brave heart, which are repeated and built upon at every team meeting. Each squad member performs to their abilities, maintains their composure, and strives to do their most excellent work. They value each other’s talents, acknowledge one other’s interests, and establish mutually beneficial working partnerships. They achieve the passion and drive that other companies strive for by putting these people first.

Company Information

Location: Elk Grove, California

Leadership: Brandon Miller

Industry: Business Products and Services


An advertising & distribution tool that helps B2B companies increase revenue by revealing anonymous purchase behavior and engaging resistive buying teams, among other techniques.

They’re a scrappy, driven crew who prioritize trust, connection, and commitment over freebies, gear, and happy hours. They believe in assessing their coworkers’ needs and ambitions, both professionally and personally, and integrating them into the company’s goals. They like the V2MOM technique (Delusions, Objectives, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures) as a foundation for setting team goals and accomplishing them. However, they prefer to substitute Obstacles with Owners to ensure accountability.

 Company Information

Location: San Francisco, California

Leadership: Jason Zintak

Industry: Software


People requiring easy, affordable, high-quality primary care can use a text-based national healthcare platform developed by a programmer. They’ve established their organization around 14 fundamental beliefs that guide every choice they make. These ideals have given us the strength to weather the Covid storm, which saw a surge in demand for personalized healthcare coincide with an unavoidable move to a virtual workplace. They also felt compelled to draw the attention of the firm to concerns of equality and diversity. Without an innovative, reactive, and mutually supportive team of professionals and the core values that guide us over and over, they would not have been able to achieve every one of these objectives.

Company Information

Location: Health

Leadership: Robbie Cape

Industry: Health


This management consultancy organization develops financial infrastructure and information insights.

At 9GaugePartners, they think that their people are the most critical factor in their success, and they prioritize them in all of their business decisions. They performed weekly interactive media sessions to check in on their staff and create engagement among the team members during the epidemic. They value customer feedback and conduct weekly employee engagement questionnaires to identify trends. During 2 to 6 months, their HR staff conducts worker interviews to assess employee happiness.

Company Information

Location: Austin, Texas

Leadership: Brian White

Industry: Financial Services

ACI Transport

ACI Transport is a transportation firm specializing in providing a courteous, customer-focused approach to transporting automobiles and other freight. People are appreciated at all levels of their organization. Even though the epidemic forced some of their employees to work remotely, their company has retained a family atmosphere. Their first focus is their staff, followed by their vendors and consumers, according to the administration. Employees are treated fairly and compassionately, and theirs is guided by mutual trust. Above everything else, their employees’ health and very well is their priority.

Company Information

Location: Ferndale, Michigan

Leadership: Aaron Freedman

Industry: Logistics and Transportation

Alterra Advisor

Alterra Advisors is a firm that specializes in advising clients. A full-service financial planning organization that specializes in integrated planning and asset management. Their primary goal at Alterra is to generate long-term relationships with their customers and to do so. They must first make extended obligations within their group. They operate in small groups; thus, each team member is thoroughly assessed to fit in their function and within the group. Because they work so intimately closely, they also provide individual and career support to each other through continual training and the promotion of work-life balance.


Company Information

Location: Bellevue, Washington

Leadership: Grant Monson

Industry: Financial Services


A provider of data storage analytics tools that integrates deep learning with human understanding to address data and knowledge management challenges. “Listen as though you’re incorrect” is one of their core beliefs. They’ve had some great possibilities to get innovative in assisting their team this year, such as their Guide to Remaining Sane, a living guide that covers themes like separation, working from home with children, and depression. They used a gifting method for their yearly rewards trip in May, allowing employees to virtual tour multiple Five Star resorts and get margarita kits, towels, and slippers, and gift vouchers for a future Four Seasons stay. Their people are their most precious asset, and they’re always looking for ways to improve their environment.

Company Information

Location: CA, California

Leadership: Satyen Sangani

Industry: Software


The work environment is the first thing this generation cares about before stepping into a company. It’s beneficial for them, but for the company as well, not only it increases the efficiency of employees, but it creates happy-go-lucky vibes for every newcomer to working in. Every company needs fresh minds who bring fresh ideas. 

A good environment would get a fresher idea than any other luxury. While reading the above company’s strategies and theories of making their workplace the most suitable workplace for an employee, you might have realized it takes a lot more than just paying a good salary and appreciating the employees.