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5 Crazy Looking House Cat Breeds

    Cats are said to be the most well-known furry companions. Cats are unique creatures, and it’s the reason they garner so much affection. Their little pink noses and adorable toe beans capture hearts like little else can. We recognize their pointy ears, the long tail, or sleek fur straight away. No matter how distinguished they are, their looks come as no wonder to us. Some cat breeds are highly unusual in their behavior or appearance, while some breeds are just perfect for your home because of their wacky-ness. It’s also essential to learn as much as you can about a pet’s potential behaviors, medical conditions, and temperaments before committing to one. Cats come in a collection of attractive and unique looks, but some breeds are a little more eye-catching than usual. However, while all cats are unique and adorable in their ways, some cat breeds have some pretty odd and unusual features compared to other species. If you want to find out about crazy looking house cat breeds, then read the following list:


    The Sphynx breed, known for its hairless body, has the most distinctive features like a round belly, peach-fuzz, wrinkled skin, and tall ears. People usually think that a hairless cat would be hypoallergenic, but it’s not right. A cat’s dander generally causes allergies, and the Sphynx breed has lots of that. Crossed with Rex cats, the Sphynx’s hairless coat is caused by gene mutation naturally occurring. During the 1960s, the Sphynx cat was developed in Canada. Their skin shows what color their fur would be if they had it, instead of having unique skin patterns. You’ll get along just fine with your cat as long as you’re willing to give your Sphynx frequent ear scratches. 


    The Peterbald breed has various skin coat types, including brush or short coats; though, these cats are usually thought of as mostly hairless. Other hairless breeds and Peterbald cats are known for having a more unusual pattern on their feet, and they are known to open doors or pick things up. It is a Russian cat breed with a unique and different appearance. They look like Oriental Shorthair, but they are almost hairless. Peterbalds are born with hair and, over time, eventually, lose their coats. These breeds are good with other pets or cats; also, they are elegant or slim with almond-shaped eyes. These cats become very attached, share affection with their owners, and are very loveable cats.


    Pixie-bobs breeds are more often known to have more than the average amount of toes, polydactyl. It means that they need more grooming maintenance by their owners, which is not usually a serious issue. Pixie-bobs usually behave like dogs due to their leash trainability, liveliness, and some cats even learn to play fetch.

    You should be aware of these cats’ health conditions that can affect cats with shortened tails, although some Pixie breeds can be born with tails ranging from short stubs to full length. Pixie-bobs can also be sensitive to spinal issues caused by the deformities at the end of their spines, like the Manx breed that often suffers from a critical condition known as Manx Syndrome. 


    Oriental is a cross between the domestic shorthair and the Siamese. The Oriental can uniquely be born with any coloring. The Siamese cats are known for their color points and the domestic shorthair with blurred genetic lines, which can be any color where orientals can be born with identical color points. That may make defining an Oriental between a domestic shorthair or a Siamese reasonably tricky to do.

    The Oriental breed with lean, long bodies, social nature, loves to be the center of attention and can have a very deep meow. Oriental breeds are more than happy to be lap cats, so find one up if you’re looking for a cat that will attach by your side no matter what.


    By crossing a Sphinx and Munchkin cats, Minskin is a relatively new breed of cat created. These breeds are described as hairless cats with fur on the face, nose, ears, legs, and tail. Minskins can suffer from a medical condition known as Lordosis due to their short legs. It is a situation that makes the spine to dip down and apply pressure on organs like the lungs, trachea, and heart. It can prove to be as deadly as the organs start to grow.

    Final Thoughts

    The cats on the list are unconventional, crazy looking cat breeds, but you will see more of the cat breeds later. Many of these unique, wild-looking cat breeds are making popularity thanks to cat responsible breeders and enthusiasts. We love our cats regardless of whether the cats are curly-haired or big-eared.