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5 Easy To Build Outdoor Furniture Ideas

    The sun is out, and that means it’s time to spend the day outdoors. But the one drawback of your backyard is that it doesn’t have the convenient furniture of your living room. However, that’s a problem that can be fixed with easy to build outdoor furniture!

    A lot of DIY tutorials promise that they really are easy and cheap, but when it comes to furniture, the projects are usually more involved than you first assume. Fortunately, the internet is full of ideas that are as easy as they look. Here are a few of the easiest DIY outdoor furniture ideas:

    1. Wine Barrel Table


    Wine barrels are a cool way to elevate your outdoor space, especially when you’re looking for a place to put your drink. Barrel tables are the perfect height and size to be unobstructive on your patio or deck while also being conveniently easy to move. A wine barrel table is as easy as finding an old wine barrel, which you can find online or at a local vineyard, and giving it a tabletop out of glass or wood.

    2. Pallet Bench

    Giving old pallets a new life is a great way to give yourself eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Pallets are especially useful for larger pieces of furniture, such as a pallet bench. Making a bench out of pallets gives you the freedom to determine the size and shape. You can even add weatherproof padding, outdoor pillows, and a simple throw blanket for your comfort.

    3. Pallet Picnic Table

    Old pallets can also be used to make innovative picnic tables that can have a home on the grass, in your backyard, or on your deck. All you need to do for a pallet picnic table is create legs, neaten up the edges, and pick a new paint or wood stain to finish. You can even use pallets for seating, which can be tucked under the table for a uniform look.

    4. Pallet Hammock

    What’s the epitome of outdoor leisure? A hammock, of course. But you don’t have to deal with the tangle of traditional rope hammocks. Pallets can also lend a hand in creating a lovely space beneath a large tree in your yard. All you need to make your own pallet hammock is a tree with strong branches, ropes for suspension, and a padded cushion for comfort, and as easy as that, an old pallet can be upcycled to your new favorite space.

    5. Old Tire Ottoman

    Old tires may have lost their use for your car, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used elsewhere. One of the more popular uses for an old tire is in the creation of an ottoman. Whether you’re wrapping a rope around the tire or painting the tire and adding a padded top, these ottomans are the perfect place to sit or rest your feet. As a bonus, they’re totally kid-friendly and can take a beating from your pets, too.

    Start Your Easy to Build Furniture Project Right Away

    Right now is the perfect time to start on your easy to build outdoor furniture projects. From wine barrel coffee tables to inventive fresh ways to use old pallets, it’s time to get your DIY done so you can enjoy the sun!