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5 Free DIY Projects For Your Yard


    These days we are all looking for things to occupy our time. You may have lost your job or are just spending much more time at home. It’s time to get creative and work on all those projects you have put off because of your busy life. Here you will find a few easy cheap ideas to fix up your yard with minimal to no cost. Maybe you will pick up a few ideas.

    #1 Use What You Have

    I like to look around my yard or property for large rocks, old bricks, concrete blocks, etc. You can build a rock retaining wall or flower garden or just organize them to make a nice border between your lawn, flower beds, or walkways. With a little creative digging and organizing, you would be amazed at what you can build.

    #2 Find Those Old Paint Cans

    There is nothing wrong with grabbing all those oddball half-empty cans of exterior paint and mixing them to create your own color. Make sure the paint is still good, and If you happen to have an old can of oil base, I would not mix it, but most of your acrylic paints can be mixed. You can drastically change the color by adding a pint of black or white or any primary color. Have fun with it, you would be surprised at what you can come up with. Then you can paint that old shed or outbuilding or whatever you have in mind. A fresh coat of paint can always add a new look to any project.

    #3 Build a Planter Box

    Do you have any old lumber, pallets, or metal siding lying around? You can make some pretty cool planter boxes, either small or large, with these materials. Think out of the box. You can make a triangle for the corner of your yard, porch, or deck. Make a variety of rectangles that you can stack on top of each other to create a cascading effect. Plant your favorite veggies, herbs, or flowers, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    #4 Clean Lines Always Improve the Look

    Do you have walkways or sidewalks? You would be surprised at how much of a difference edging those border areas will improve the look of your yard. To take some of the work out of this job, make sure the area is wet. I would water the area thoroughly about one hour before; that way, it will soak down into the ground and help with removing the unwanted debris much easier. They make many tools for this job and you can find some ideas below. To save money you can look through your tool collection and find anything with a straight edge.

    #5 Clean Up Clutter

    Look around your yard and think clean and organized. Do you have some plants that need to be pruned or cut back? Sometimes that big bush that has grown into the house needs a haircut. This will clean up the look and add newfound brightness to the area. Is there an old wood fence that needs to be taken down or fixed? If you do take it down, don’t throw out the wood, you can build some cool stuff with it. Think about little side tables or a coffee table for the deck or patio.