5 Symptoms of An Ugly House

Are you concerned you might have an ugly house? Well, let us give you a few symptoms to ponder. Keep in mind that some people may be fully aware of their Ugly House, and they are just trying to tick off the neighbors; they could be colorblind, had too much fun in the ’70s, or don’t care. But this is for those of you who do care or wonder how the rest of us think.

#1 Paint Color

Keep in mind this is based on location because a house in a beach town would be different from Missoula, Montana. Do your color themes kind of go with other houses in the area? We have all seen that bright pink house with purple trim. Do the trim and main color completely clash and not go together? In general, it is best to avoid bright colors so take a look. Does your house have bold, bright colors that don’t fit your area?

#2 Broken Items or Half-Finished Projects

Did you start to paint 10 years ago, then stop? Are some of your trim broken, or are the gutters hanging? Look around. Do you have broken windows, blinds, or screens, a weathered unpainted front door, a fence that has fallen on the ground? Do you have missing roof shingles and hanging exterior light fixtures? If you have any of these, you might have an ugly house!

#3 Clutter

Think about what is on your window seal. Does it look good from the outside? Let’s be blunt if you have an old washing machine, toilet, or bathtub on the front lawn, and you probably have an Ugly House?  Is there miscellaneous stuff lying around your yard that should be taken to the dump or tossed out? Do you have 4 outside chairs, but none of them are the same style, let alone the same color? Go outside and take a look; what doesn’t fit?

#4 Design

Let’s face it; some house designs are just plain bad. I mean, have you ever seen a “beautiful” octagonal house. Is your house perfectly square with no porch or opposing roofline, a garage door directly below a bedroom window that has no definition between the two, just a flat wall?  If you have a house that has had 3 additions and none of them match, you might have an Ugly House. Also, It might be that the house design has no connection with what’s commonly in the area and is totally out of place.

#5 Landscape

How old is your landscape? Do you have that bush that has taken over your house and caused paint discoloration or wrapped around the gutter? Are your walkways overgrown with grass? Do you drive in your front yard right up to the porch because the lawn is dead? A sure symptom is dead or overgrown or boring plants around the yard. If your landscape has no rhyme, reason, or color, you might suffer from the Ugly House syndrome.

3 thoughts on “5 Symptoms of An Ugly House”

  1. Yes, I HAVE seen a beautiful octagon house. And apparently this writer has never seen a Raised Ranch house – a very, VERY common and popular style in (at least) the northeast United States. A Raised Ranch has the garage built into the bottom floor of the house so the garage doors are directly below the windows of the bedrooms above and there is only a flat wall between them. The doors have trim around them usually but that’s it.
    The other issues mentioned make sense.

  2. I have noticed recently an number of houses being painted a dull, drab dark gray. Some might think it’s because of the pandemic & folks being depressed. But I noticed before that a guy painting a brick apartment building this color. First of all , I don’t know why some would paint a brick building. It just seems to me that I’m seeing alot of dull drab gray houses!

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