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5 Things You Should Not Store In Your Attic

    The attic is one of the most ignored places in the house. It is one of those out of sight out of mind areas where things get piled up, and it becomes a no-go area in no time. The attic is the worst affected place by the fluctuating humidity and temperature unless it is temperature-controlled. 

    Attics are supposed to be storage solutions for the house and are best for storing holiday decorations, suitcases, or boxes. Still, certain items can perish if left unattended in the attic for long periods, and there are some genuine safety concerns with storing certain things in the attic. Here are five items you should never keep in your attic and tips and ideas for better storage places. 


    Storing clothes can be a challenge, mainly if you have limited closet space. But that should not mean that you keep your clothes in the attic. Storing your clothes in the attic without any protective covering can potentially cause your clothes to smell moldy and gather dust and other pollutants. It is best to store clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, costly clothes that hold sentimental value, like a wedding dress.

    Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture is an item best kept somewhere other than the attic. Wood absorbs all the humidity and heat in the attic, damaging the glue, wood finishes, and surface of the stored furniture as it expands and cracks. Wooden furniture or wood should always be kept in temperature-controlled storage.

    Essential Documents and Family Photographs

    Attic storage is not the place to store your essential documents like mark sheets, marriage or birth certificates, and other necessary documents. Besides humidity, water damage, and temperature variations, there is also a fear of these critical documents being destroyed by mice, mold, or termites. It is better to store these essential items in a fireproof and temperature-proof shelf or locker.

    Old family photographs are things to cherish forever. In this age of instant digital photos, the old family photographs are like fresh air of nostalgia. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can destroy the prints of these family treasures. Bedrooms and locations that are dry and away from sunlight are the best places to keep them.


    Books are like intellectual treasures and should be appropriately kept. Like photographs, the humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations can damage the books. If kept in the attic, then be aware of an insect known as silverfish. They devour starchy substances, which are often present in the glue used to bind the books. Keep your books in a filing cabinet or bookshelf, or even better, donate them to a local library. 

    Electronics and Old Tech

    Old tech like smartphones, VCRs, TVs, games, and laptops should never be kept in the attic. The attic’s significant temperature fluctuations and humidity are too much to handle for the delicate parts in these electronic and abandoned techs. The moisture that is present in the attic can get inside and damage them over time. It is best to recycle these items, but if some electronic item is dear to your heart or holds any sentimental value, it should never be stored in the attic. Instead, it should be stored in a storage space where there is an even temperature level and is safe from excess heat and humidity.


    Now you know which items should be avoided from keeping in the attic. Besides these five items, a few other everyday things like toys, batteries, leather items, musical instruments, canned goods, carpets and rugs, candles, and paper should not be kept in the attic. It is always great to adopt attic clever storage ideas and attic storage solutions to manage it better.