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6 Bad Interior Design Ideas

    When décor shopping for your home, you come across various accessories and decoration pieces that you immediately want to buy! Most homeowners instantly give in to this impulse and excitedly purchase the item they lay their eyes on. However, most people miss out on imagining how that accessory will look alongside their home’s interior.

    Interior designing is no piece of cake; it requires a knowledgeable and aesthetic eye to create the perfect look. Many elements go into interior designing, including the lighting, color, scale, room sizes, placement of items, etc., you must know about.

    Here are 6 bad interior design ideas and how you can correct them.

    1.    Lack of Focus on Scale and Proportion

    One of the worst interior design ideas is to place either huge furniture in a small room or small furniture in a large room. This happens because a homeowner or designer does not double or triple-check the measurements of a project. Scaling a room is one of the most important things that a designer needs to do.

    It takes a rather talented eye to adorn a room with a fantastic scale. Certain people add way too many things to a room, thereby cluttering it and not giving the eye a place to land. On the other hand, others add too many large and bulky items to a single room, making it look small and cluttered.

    The secret to maintaining a great scale of the room is to combine various heights, shapes, and sizes with relevant measurements. The easiest way to understand this is that a room should appear like a cityscape; it should include a combination of varying heights rather than being of the same level or size.

    2.    Not Arranging Accessories and Collections

    All homeowners have a collection of one if not multiple accessories or collectibles. You can have a collection of any accessory in various shapes, sizes, and colors that you may have gathered over the years.

    A key mistake that most homeowners make is scattering pieces of their collections throughout their homes. While they place one collectible on a fire mantle, they place another on the coffee table, giving off a scattered vibe. Regardless of the accessory you have, the best idea is to display it in a group or as an arrangement.

    However, just because you have a collection of accessories doesn’t mean you have to bring them all out. Remember not to overdo it. When it comes to interior design, arranging items into groups is known as the – rule of three. So, make sure to form a group of three of your accessories and proudly showcase them.

    3.    Hanging Too Much Art

    You can turn the look of any room around by hanging some beautiful pieces of art. Even one statement artwork piece is often enough to transform any room. Whether it’s an oil painting or an old drawing from your childhood, everyone should have at least some form of art on display in their home. However, most people often go wrong with interior design when it comes to hanging art.

    Firstly, you want to avoid transforming your home into a full-blown art gallery so that visitors don’t solely end up focusing on the art. Also, when you do hang up your art, you need to do it with utmost caution. Ensure that you make no mistakes when drilling holes or choosing the ideal wall to hang your piece upon. You can do this by trying out abundant placement options until you find the best one.

    4.    Going Trendy Rather than Functional

    One of the biggest interior design disasters one can make is to focus on the latest trends and styles rather than functionality. There’s no denying that a room’s aesthetics are more than important, but what’s the point of aesthetics when a room isn’t functional?

    When it comes to trends and functionality, you can go wrong with paint compared to any other function. Even the best designers make mistakes as they get super-excited about choosing a particular trendy shade of paint that makes the walls appear as if they are closing in. Sure, dark paint colors are a good idea for big rooms, but they do quite the opposite for smaller rooms.

    One of the worst interior design ideas is focusing on trends rather than a design’s functionality.

    5.    Being Too Matchy-Matchy

    Even though it is super fun to look at showrooms adorned with modern furnishings, don’t get too carried away in buying everything at one time and place. This often makes up for another bad interior design idea – being too matchy-matchy!

    We’re not saying that matching your furniture, paint, and accessories isn’t a good idea, but it doesn’t often end up creating a home that lacks character! Matching a house’s interior isn’t as difficult as finding accessories and furniture that complement one another without overpowering each other.

    You build the character of your home by installing furniture and equipment over time. For instance, you can include a gorgeous chair that you found at the furniture store or any oil painting that a street artist was displaying.

    6.    Lack of a Focal Point

    The lack of a focal point in a home makes for a bad interior design idea. Every room requires a focal point: a place where the eye can rest and the room’s function is easily understood. This is a huge mistake many homeowners and even designers make – failing to give a room its purpose or point. It isn’t necessary to have a single focal point, though, as larger rooms can have multiple focal points.

    Some rooms are quite simple to manage. For instance, the TV is the focal point in the TV room, with all objects facing toward and focused on the TV unit. However, some rooms, such as the sitting room, are more difficult to manage. In such cases, rather than scattering your furnishings around, you should focus on finding a goal for the room and then place the furnishings around it.

    All in all, these were 6 bad interior design ideas that you need to focus on avoiding when designing a room. If you feel like the designing process is too overwhelming for you, it’s always a good idea to hire an interior designer!