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6 Car Repairs You Are Wasting Money On!

    Keeping your car in good shape means proper and timely maintenance. It helps in providing safety for your family members, drivers, and of course, your passengers. Many tips help you in keeping your vehicle up to date/running smoothly. Car repairs are one of the essential things to consider for people who own them. As an intelligent user, consider including the following items on your to-do list regarding vehicle maintenance.

    Check Your Brakes

    As a regular inspection, it becomes essential to check your car’s brake pads. If you hear any noise or feel a vibration from the brake pedal, or shuddering, while driving, it’s time to pay attention. Consult a service station if you find any concerns.

    Regular Inspection

    You can perform most routine car maintenance yourself at home. These regular checkups don’t require professionals. But when you find any issues with the check engine light, you should consult a technician. They will diagnose the problem using the car’s port onboard diagnostics system. When you take your vehicle to an authentic repair shop, they will thoroughly check your vehicle. Components like wheel bearing and alternators are commonly replaced items. 

    Replacing Air Filters 

    As per the maintenance schedule, a yearly inspection of the engine air filter becomes essential. When dirt and other particles get into your car’s engine, they reduce its efficiency; hence, a regular inspection and replacement of car engine air filters can help you save money if done on time.

    Replacing Wipers 

    You should never overlook if your wipers aren’t performing well. Worn-out or damaged wiper blades can hinder visibility during snowfall or heavy showers. So the best way to keep your vehicle safe windshield wipers should be regularly checked and replaced when necessary.

    Car Fluids

    To help your car run smoothly, it becomes essential to maintain the level of all car fluids. As a part of the vehicle maintenance, you and your car mechanic should pay attention to this issue. Sometimes grease and oil get assembled over the spark plugs, so they should be removed while getting your engine checked to prevent engine damage. Fluids that might need your attention include:

    • Brake Fluid
    • Coolant
    • Engine Oil
    • Transmission Fluid
    • Power Steering Oil

    If there is any leak, your car efficiency will be affected. In case you find any leakage, bring your car to a repair center. The mechanic will identify the spot of leakage by the color of the fluid and will quickly reach the problematic area to speed up repairs. 

    Routine Check-up Of Oil

    To keep the car engine in running condition, check your oil regularly. Change it every month or as prescribed in the owner’s manual. There are two options: either you can change the oil on your own or take it to a service shop. If you do it yourself, then make sure that you take all the necessary steps. You should also be aware of the type of oil you’re using and which motor oil fits your vehicle.

    If you routinely change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, it will increase the life of your car. Many shops will tell you that your vehicle will not need an oil change for 5,000 to 10,000 miles, but they tell you this to decrease your car’s life. If your car dies out sooner, you are likely to buy a new one. You can afford the increase in oil changes a year if you learn to change your oil properly. 

    Some More Car Maintenance Tips For Smooth Running 

    Moreover, to improve your car’s efficiency, a catalytic converter should be well maintained to control air pollutants that directly affect your health. An inspection and checking the air pressure of tires can help reduce the destruction. With the help of PSI, you can inflate or deflate them as required. Car maintenance also includes replacing burnt-out or broken bulbs to enhance safety while driving. If you truly examine your car, you’ll find that some bulbs are not functioning. You can take your vehicle to a technician and get the fused bulb replaced. 

    It is also mandatory to keep your car’s headlights shining bright for maximum safety. You can consider cleaning lenses and replacing the dim bulb from time to time. Belts and hoses require proper maintenance to avoid on-road breakdown. Your car system can fail if the serpentine belt of your car gets damaged. Therefore it is essential to get the hose and belts checked when your vehicle is at a service center for an oil change. To keep your car going, always ensure that both components are in good condition.  A regular car wash can help keep your vehicle free from elements like bird droppings, tree sap, road salts, and ice melt stains during winters. These hazards may damage your car’s paint. So a proper and regular car washing method can help keep your vehicle looking brand new and in good shape. 


    Car maintenance is a common problem for all car owners. Unless you’re alert and aware of the helpful tips, you will not be able to keep your vehicle in good condition. It is always better to look for repair shops or centers that offer reliable services. Keep a checklist of what you have fixed on your car and other potential items that may need fixing soon. Many car repairs you can do yourself with the help of videos online.