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6 Helpful Laundry Tips To Get Stubborn Stains Out

    We all know the jokes about sending kids off to college without knowing how to do their own laundry – even movies and television have made fun with the laundry that turns pink because a red sock made it in with the whites. But knowing how to do laundry is so much more than sorting dirty clothes by colors and setting the washer to the right setting. You also need to know how to get stubborn stains out to save your clothes from the bin. Unfortunately for us, it’s much harder to get stubborn stains out than to get stubborn stains in the first place, but these tips will help!

    1. Vinegar and Cold Water for Coffee or Tea

    Spilling coffee or tea on a light-colored fabric usually means a stain that never quite comes out. To save your clothing, immediately dab the coffee or tea stain with a vinegar-soaked sponge and then soak the clothing in cold water for at least 30 minutes before washing.

    2. Cold Water and Peroxide for Blood


    For many of us, removing blood from clothing means a first instinct to reach for the bleach. However, bleach won’t fully remove the stain, but it will also ruin the clothing. To get blood out of the fabric, first soak the clothing in cold water for 1 hour, dab with hydrogen peroxide, and then wash with hot water.

    3. Salt and Cold Water for Red Wine

    Getting rid of red wine stains is all about speediness. The best way to get rid of red wine on clothing, and carpet, is to spread salt over the stain. The salt will absorb the wine and the color, so when the salt turns pink, it’s time to remove the salt and soak the clothing in cold water for 1 hour before washing.

    4. Dish Soap and Peroxide for Grass

    Grass stains are stains that rarely come out. In a bowl or the sink, combine hot water, dish soap, and peroxide to soak the clothing for 1 hour. Scrub with a toothbrush if necessary and then wash normally.

    5. Hot Water and Dish Soap for Oil or Grease

    Grease and oil stains can be a pain. However, with a soak of hot water and dish soap for 1 hour, you can break down the grease and easily scrub it away with a toothbrush. Wash the clothing in hot water afterward to finish stain removal.

    6. Vinegar for Deodorant

    Deodorant stains cause a yellowish tinge on the underarms of light-colored shirts. Soaking these stains with distilled white vinegar for at least 30 minutes before a normal wash can remove the deodorant and get rid of the yellow.

    Get Stubborn Stains Out!

    A stain doesn’t have to mean clothing is ruined forever. Get those stubborn stains out with the right combination of timing, temperature, and DIY solutions. That way, you’ll save your clothes from an early retirement!