6 Reasons to Own a Pressure Washer

As a homeowner, you know dirt can accumulate quickly outdoors. From harsh weather to animals or your kids kicking up dirt, there is a lot to clean. That is why a pressure washer is an ideal companion for all of your outdoor cleaning needs.

6 Reasons to Own a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an effective way to get dirt and grime off of many outdoor objects when a normal hose just can’t get the job done. From your vinyl siding to patio furniture, here are six reasons why you should own a pressure washer.

1. Great for Cleaning Siding and Gutters

Whether your house has a vinyl, brick, or stone siding, pressure washers do an excellent job of removing dirt buildup on your exterior. Pressure washers are great for getting hard to reach places and are powerful enough to make that dirt blow away like dust. If you have a painted exterior, be aware not to concentrate the nozzle too much on a spot and use a lower-pressure setting, because it can remove paint.

Lighter-colored gutters can easily get dirty, from the weather, dirt buildup, or animals that scurry up-and-down. A pressure washer will make that gutter look like it was just installed. It’s amazing the facelift that clean gutters can give to your exterior.

Decks and Patios Look Brand New

From wooden decks to cement patios, a pressure washer can make them look like new. Whether you need to rejuvenate a weathered wood or wash away pesky chalk lines on cement, spray it down with a pressure washer. Particularly on wood, start on a lower-pressure nozzle so you don’t splinter it.

Car Wash in Your Driveway

While it’s nice to go to the carwash once in a while, an at-home wash can be even more satisfying. Use a low-pressure nozzle and don’t concentrate on an area for too long, because you can cause imperfections in the paint with a high-pressure burst. The pressure washer is also great for cleaning out the rims or the tread of your tires.

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