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6 Steps To Winterizing Your Home

    Do you sense a chill in the air? Did you notice leaves turning? Well, the winter is soon to come. You might want to prepare your house before it’s too late. While you may have already packed away your summer clothes and kept them in the trunk, there’s a lot more when it comes to winterizing the house. Here’s a rundown on the requirement to winterize your home, and you’ll have a pleasant time when the winter finally arrives. 

    Cleaning Your Gutter! 

    No one wants to pick up this particular chore, but sometimes you ought to do things you may not like. Before the first snowfall, leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris need to be cleaned out of the gutter to prevent clogging and damages. So, gear up while you still have time to do the job or hire a professional to get the gutter cleaned on time. 

    Seal Your Doors And Windows

    If you can see the light entering through the edges of your doors and windows, then it’s time for you to get your caulking gun working. And if you have got storm windows, you better put them in place now. Carefully examine every hole, and caulk around not to let the cold air sweep. Having your mail chutes, air conditioners, and windows covered with weather strippings and seeks is an excellent way of preventing bone-chilling weather. 

    Get Your Chimney Cleaned Once A Year

    Who doesn’t enjoy warming up while sitting close to the fireplace on cold nights? But, before you do that, don’t forget to get your chimney checked once in a year so that the creosote built over the time in the wood-burning fireplaces gets cleaned, and you eliminate the possibilities of fire or any other potential damage. 

    Keep Rodents Out in Winters

    The National Pest Management Assoc report has revealed some shocking facts- each winter, the rodents get into almost around 21 million U.S. homes. So, the more carefully you look for the holes in the house and seal them properly, the lesser the chances of rodents infesting your houses in winters. Additionally, weather stripping the house keeps the cold air out and prevents pests from entering. 

    Move Plants Elsewhere

    You might want to relocate your potted plants from outside to inside. Bring them inside so they have a chance at surviving the harsh winter.

    Clear The Yard

    Trimming of the trees is essential for the cleanliness of the yard. Snow, ice, and wind can diminish the trees, due to which tree branches may fall and potentially destroy the car, home, and yourself.

    Final Words

    Winters bring beauty and serenity to the environment. But, unfortunately, your home requires a lot of changes to be prepared to welcome the winters. The write-up throws light on how you can take care of your house and enjoy the season of snow and chilled air.