9 Things to Guarantee Good Sleep

Sleeping well is the key to life. It gives you more energy, helps balance your hormones, and keeps you alert during the day, to name a few benefits. But getting the sleep you need – and want – can be tricky. Here, we’ll discuss how you can rest easy, and it all starts with a dark, quiet room of serenity.

1. A Dark and Quiet Space

Bright lights tell your biological clock it’s time to stay awake. In your bedroom, turn off all lights, including your computer, tablet, and bedside lamp, so your body knows you need to sleep. Add curtains to your windows and keep them closed at night. This will allow light into your room only during the day, just as it should be.

When we sleep, we continue to process background noises, so it’s best to keep the TV off. On the other hand, white noise is beneficial and can block environmental sounds like the neighbor’s car door shutting. For added touches, clear away clutter and keep tranquil pictures on your bedroom walls.

2. Stick to a Consistent Schedule

The body is designed to function in a loop and naturally aligns itself with sunrise and sunset. A consistent schedule can help your body stick to this rhythm and provide long-term sleep quality. For this reason, we recommend going to bed and waking at the same time every night and morning. Use an alarm to help, even on the weekends; after several weeks, you may not need it anymore.

3. Exercise During the Day

Exercise raises body temperature and speeds up metabolism. Because of these effects, workouts should be completed at least three hours before bedtime. If you are still experiencing sleep difficulties, move your workouts to earlier in the day. Unlike vigorous exercise, some movements can help you relax in the evenings. Yoga, low-impact stretching, and tai chi each keep you at the moment and require you to focus on breathing. This can lead to better sleep at night.

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