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Bad Patio Design Ideas

    You spent a lot of time working on your patio space, so it makes sense to take a step back to double-check that your patio design is a good idea. As DIY enthusiasts, we don’t always like to admit when we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. So instead of stubbornly living with regrets, make sure that you avoid patio design faux pas like bad colors. Let’s learn what designs to avoid and get rid of clutter!

    What makes a patio design a bad one? It’s a good question. While most would say that the success of patio design is in the eye of the beholder, there’s also no denying that some ideas are just universally bad. So here are the bad patio design ideas that made the top of the list.

    1. Bad Colors

    Color means much to any design, but it is important when you take your design outside. Unfortunately, there are two major scales for bad colors on your patio: either everything is the same bland, beige-taupe shade, or you went wild with patterns and bright designs to stay on theme. Both are major mistakes. Instead, you should show restraint when selecting your colors.

    One of the more useful rules of thumb is to draw inspiration from whatever flowering plants you have near your patio. Regardless of the color of your bloom, you can find a near-identical shade on a cushion, with paint, or with other decore. If you really want to punch up the color tastefully, check out blended analogous shades and complementary tones.

    2. Not Using Outdoor Fabric

    If you have furniture on your patio, do yourself a favor and make sure that the furniture uses outdoor fabric. Outdoor fabric is specifically made to withstand the elements and resist mold and stains, and it is much easier to clean.

    3. Too Much Furniture

    A patio crowded with too much furniture is another big mistake, especially if you have a smaller space. Furniture can include chairs, loungers, small tables, ottomans, and even patio umbrellas crammed onto one block of space.

    4. Forgetting the Plants

    Your patio design isn’t only about the deck and patio furniture. Don’t forget the plants, which should be the focal point of your entire design! Make sure to keep some potted plants nearby on your patio to help tie the space together.

    5. No Decore or Personality

    While you want to get rid of clutter on your patio, there is such a thing as too little clutter. Your patio should say something about your personality and interests, so make sure you punch up your patio design with a tasteful decore that matches your color theme and compliments your plants. And make sure your decor isn’t campy!

    6. Not Making Use of the Space

    Your patio space already has foundations that you can use. So before you strip everything down, make sure you are making good use of the already there space. For example, if you have walls near your patio, that’s a good opportunity to make a trellis for crawling plants, like ivy or sweet peas. Similarly, the natural pathways in your backyard should be your guide for your overall design.

    When it comes to your patio design, it’s best to stay away from ideas that include bad colors and use thoughtful decor to demonstrate your personality, even if you get rid of clutter or excess furniture. And don’t forget the plants since they can make or break your overall design!