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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners In 2021

    Hardwood can be a great addition to your home. They are durable and enhance the look of your living space by giving it a timeless, versatile appearance. Wood flooring raises the value of a home far more in comparison to any other floor covering material. However, there is only one issue because hardwood floors can be a bit difficult to clean. To make sure that your hardwood lasts for decades while still looking stunning, all you have to do is clean your hardwood routinely. There are various cleaners available in the market, such as natural, polishing, eco-friendly and more. Following are some of the best cleaners for hardwood surfaces, and each of these cleaners has a unique feature to them, and a lot of them are great for cleaning spots.

    Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner utilizes a water-based solution and checks all the boxes, making it perfect for cleaning hardwood floors. You can also use it for all kinds of floors because it utilizes a water-based formula, which also makes sure that residue does not get left behind and blocks chemicals from bleeding into the floor, which can cause it to dry incorrectly and warp. It is a professional quality cleaner that removes stains and quickly removes grime, dust, and dirt. This hardwood cleaner does not leave behind any strong odor as the emission of VOC is low. Once you spray the solution on the hardwood surface, you can also use a hardwood mop to make sure that it covers all the areas you want to clean. The solution will dry after several minutes.

    Although it is a great overall cleaning solution, a few users had issues with the tip of the bottle, and some find it a bit challenging to adjust the tip of this hardwood floor cleaner, which can make it challenging to spray in the beginning. Some also found it a bit tough to cover with a hardwood mop. If you are looking out for a high-quality cleaner for your hardwood floors, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a great option. It is safe for use around kids and pets and also is eco-friendly. Its handy spray bottle makes it easy to clean without hindering your mobility.

    Swiffer Wetjet Spray Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive hardwood floor cleaner, this hardwood floor cleaner is an option you should consider. This hardwood cleaner gives off a lavender scent and a formula that removes and dissolves debris and dirt. You will also discover that this hardwood floor cleaner dries quickly when applied to the surface, ensuring that the hardwood does not grow mildew or warp. For even better results, utilize the Swiffer Spray Mop Cleaner. It works along with the spray, making sure that it is evenly on the surface and it dries after several minutes.

    Although it is a durable cleaner, there are several things that you need to remember. Many users pointed out its scent; although numerous users liked its lavender scent, it can still be intense for some. You should also not use this cleaner on surfaces such as non-sealed tiles or unfinished hardwood floors. Otherwise, it can destroy them.

    It is a perfect hardwood cleaner if you have a tight budget. The solution dries quickly, which prevents the hardwood floor from warping, but it also is one of the most affordable hardwood cleaners, making the investment worthwhile.

    MURPHY OIL SOAP Original Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    This cleaner is ideal for people looking for a cleaner that can serve multiple purposes; this versatile cleaner can clean hardwood floors, ceramic, and tile. This versatile floor cleaner utilizes natural ingredients in its solution. You will find that it uses herbal ingredients like coconut. This cleaner is free from bleach and ammonia, making it an environment-friendly option and reducing strong odors. While using this cleaner, first measure according to the number mentioned at the back of the container and then dilute the solution with water. It is crucial to check the amount while being careless can result in ruining the hardwood floor.

    Many of its users have left positive reviews regarding this cleaner, but some don’t always get that lasting shine, due to which you might have to redo a particular area a few more times.

    This cleaner is perfect for people looking for something that cleans their hardwood flooring and several different surfaces. It is an excellent choice for cleaning hardwood surfaces, and it is free from numerous harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for use all-around the home.

    Eco-me Concentrated Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner

    The Eco-me Concentrated Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner are one of the best environmentally-friendly hardwood floor cleaners. Although some eco-friendly cleaning products aren’t always the best at removing stains, this one does. It utilizes a unique plant-based formula that allows it to remove debris completely. This surface and floor cleaner is a great product to choose from if your kids or pets are around. If your pet licks the non-toxic, natural product, there’s no need to sweat as it does not contain any harsh chemicals such as sulfates that could bring about health issues.

    This multi-surface and floor cleaner can clean various surfaces, including vinyl, tile, stone, and linoleum. To use this product, dilute around ¼ cup of its formula in a gallon of water. Once you mix it, you can use it to clean your hardwood floors. The product also dries off quickly without leaving behind any sticky residue, as you’d find many other similar products do. There is one downside, though, many users found the product to be not as strong, due to which you might have to cover a certain spot a few more times. Although this cleaner doesn’t have any fragrance, some may find its natural aroma a little too strong.

    Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner Liquid

    The Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner Liquid is ideal for those who require a hardwood floor cleaner that can clean high traffic spots. It is perfect for this as it has a strong formula, making sure that even the toughest of debris and dirt does not remain on the hardwood surface. It works exceptionally well on hardwood surfaces as it has a healthy mix of potassium hydroxide and alcohol. Although its solution is not eco-friendly, its solution does an excellent job at dissolving the debris. It also ensures that residue or streaks do not get left behind. This hardwood surface cleaner gives off the scent of lemons. It can be utilized directly on the surface without having to dilute the solution. As you rub the formula on the hardwood floor, you’ll realize that it lets out the floor’s natural appearance while simultaneously removing any dirt and grimes. This hardwood floor cleaner comes with a 27-ounce fluid container.

    There are generally positive reviews of this hardwood cleaner, but some have issues with a sticky film left behind. Although that is not common, it can be from using the cleaner in an excessive quantity on the hardwood floor. Additionally, this floor-cleaner is not suitable for pets around and is not safe for usage on diverse surfaces. The Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner Liquid is perfect for people who have frequent traffic in their houses. If you have to clean a huge area of space, this product is worth checking out. This hardwood cleaner dissolves all grime, debris, and dirt. It also makes sure that no streaks are left. 


    Taking proper care of your hardwood floors can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to remain this way with the help of these hardwood floor cleaners. These cleaners are some of the best currently available in the market due to their versatility and high-quality materials. So, if you are searching for durable and safe hardwood cleaners, consider one of these. But before purchasing any hardwood floor cleaner, you must consider few factors such as budget, natural product, quality and efficiency, and purpose.