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Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits

    Greenhouses have gained a lot of fame and popularity, mainly because of the increasing eagerness of people to engage themselves in gardening and growing sustainable plants in their homes. 

    When choosing a kit, your best bet will be the one that is not too complicated, can be by the windowsill, and would even survive if watered once a week. Another thing that needs your attention is the amount of sunlight different plants require. This is because every plant has varying degrees of sunlight requirements. For example, the best-suited place for plants like herbs, cacti, succulents, and mini citrus trees is the one that exposes it to at least four hours of direct sunlight. On the other hand, plants like basil, chives, peppermint, and shiso must be on a full-exposure windowsill. 

    Here Are Some Of The Fantastic Garden Kits For Your Herbs

    SunBlaster LED Mini Kit

    If you have to start seedlings or grow small plants in your house away from the harsh weather, SunBlaster brings to you a miniature greenhouse that also has lights. The main attraction of this greenhouse is its lightweight (1.5 pounds), which makes it easily portable. 

    No matter wherever you place the greenhouse, the strip light fitted inside the greenhouse will ensure the uninterrupted growth of the seedling. There is also a large 18’ LED grow light along with the strip light. You won’t have to spend extra bucks on additional parts as this package includes everything, including the bulb as well. 


    AeroGarden Farm 

    Want to enjoy growing some of your favorite herbs indoors if you do not have access to areas with good soil or sun? AeroGarden greenhouse kit is here for you. To start with its advantages, the interior of this kit is designed in such a way to provide you with ample space to grow not less than 24 plants. You can even grow vegetables as this cabin has room for the plants to take a height of 24’. 

    This kit has two trays under one dome over which is a control system that allows you to regulate the greenhouse conditions. The LED light fitting has a spectrum of white, red, and blue lights that assist in the plant’s faster growth. The best part is that this one is wifi enabled, so you can activate your Alexa and keep a close eye on the internal environment. 


    Mindful Design Hydroponic Kit

    This kit will prove to be an excellent option if you are desirous of a small and straightforward greenhouse where you can grow a maximum of two to three plants. This system is passive as well as simple, including zero complicated parts and pumps. The only work you must do is put water in the container and keenly watch your plants grow. 

    The growing lamp is adjustable and also has two light modes that can effectively replicate the conditions similar to natural sunlight. This ensures the speedy and proper growth of your beloved plants, even in rooms with minimal lighting. 


    AeroGarden Farm Seed Kit

    You can easily stack multiple tiers at the same spot in this cabinet. However, this kit as a whole would be pretty helpful if you wish to add a few more layers along with plants that too need ample light for growing. Two 60W panels of LED ensure speedy growth. Just pour water on the trays, and your plants will take a height of about 12 inches in each stack. 

    Also, this greenhouse kit has two sides, each with a separate control panel. You can easily manage the control systems through the AeroGarden app. For your convenience, an automatic alarm will alert you when to add more water to the trays. Isn’t it fantastic? Good quality parts make this whole system a sturdy one that is also easy to set up. And obviously, you get a manual to take help from the setup instructions. 


    Modern Sprout Growhouse

    This mini greenhouse is best for growing plants like rosemary, parsley, basil, mint, watercress, and arugula. This kit comes with hardware that will enable you to hang it anywhere in your house if you don’t have enough counter space to keep it. It looks solid, and of good quality, so you can wave goodbye to plastic decor. 

    The size is very apt to suit apartment life. The beautiful ‘tranquil fading’ effect produced by it can perfectly mimic dawn and dusk effects through on and off light transitions. The lights can be set on a timer or even controlled manually through your phones. All you need to have is a Modern Sprout app on your device. 


    Mr. Stacky Farm

    This one is an aeroponic tower garden which is also self-watering. The package includes some non- GMO seeds like bell pepper, beefsteak tomato, eggplant, cherry tomato, basil, and lettuce. You also get a germination kit, pH test kit, plant food, and other plant accessories without paying for them separately. Schools in Chicago and New York have this tower garden in their classrooms to enhance the beauty of the environment. 



    Growing and maintaining fresh greenery at home is still and will always be a whimsical fantasy for those dwelling in urban areas. The lack of space compared to the population makes rooftops, balconies, and backyards a luxury. Also, most people do not get adequate sunlight to keep basil or any other plant alive for long. Fortunately, the excellent quality and variety of greenhouse kits help to a great extent.




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