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Best Ways To Create Privacy In Your Yard

    Want to create a hidden sanctuary in your yard? Well, who wouldn’t want that? With better backyard privacy, you can enjoy endless hours outdoors without having to worry about excessive sun exposure and wandering eyes. Try one of these landscaping solutions to add more privacy to your yard.

    1. Long, High Hedges

    This is one of the best traditional choices for creating privacy in a yard. Hedges are easy and fast growers. Depending on your plant type, you can grow a hedge up to 15 feet tall or more. Some hedge options to go for are Glossy Abelia, Amur Maple, Japanese Barberry, Sawara False Cypress, Japanese Euonymus – to name a few. These hedges are not only functional but decorative, too.
    If you’re on the lookout for the fastest-growing hedge, go for leylandii. With little maintenance, it can provide dense green screen privacy. For the tallest hedge, you should consider planting American Arborvitae and Green Giant Arborvitae.

    2. Build a Living Wall

    A plain wall in the yard has no aesthetic appeal to it. What you should do instead is turn this wall into a piece of art. How may you wonder? You can make a lush living wall by hanging small flower boxes. Fill the boxes with your favorite colorful plants. Hang as many plants as you want to make the living wall aesthetically pleasing.

    You can also use trailing plants (creeping thyme, bellflowers, stonecrop, creeping jenny, myrtle spurge) for a lovely effect.

    3. Plant Up Your Pergola

    Pergolas are ideal for shade and protection from various elements. However, pergolas with open roofs may not provide the optimum shelter. In such cases, it is ideal for decorating your pergolas with climbing plants. There is a wide variety of plants that pergolas can support, including honeysuckles, potato vines, passion flowers, grapevines, climbing roses, and many more! Choose the plant that enhances the style of your yard, making it more eye-catching.

    Many homeowners opt for trailing plants that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. These include coral honeysuckles, pipevine, Virginia creeper, and trumpet creeper.


    4. Outdoor Curtains

    You can hang them around your patio or pergola using a rope, wire, or rod. But what kind of curtains should you look for? Outdoor curtains that are easy to clean and are UV-resistant at the same time. The Olefin fabric fits the bill. Look for this type of curtain in a dark color so that dirt or stains aren’t visible. This option is a DIY, so it is easy to implement and costs the least of all the options.

    When implementing any of these solutions, you won’t need a hefty budget or expensive equipment. With little or no professional help, you can easily try any of these options out and make your yard privacy-proof.