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Best Ways To Get Stains Out

    We all have our favorite colors to wear. Light colors like white can be highly appealing to the eyes. However, most of the time, we fear stains that will permanently leave their impressions on them. But did you know you can find stuff to remove stains right at home? No need for expensive detergents and chemicals or laundry visits. Follow these easy steps and do not think twice before you wear white.

    Corn Starch

    If you are menstruating, then you will be familiar with the bloodstains on heavy nights. Doing blanket laundry can be troublesome because it occupies larger surface areas. If you catch yourself in such a situation, all you require is cornstarch and laundry detergent.


    In a bowl, pour together one tablespoon cornstarch and water. Let this mixture slather to scrub the area stained with blood. You can even add a bit of hydrogen peroxide (handle with care). Brush it until the stain disappears. Next, soak the blanket in an enzyme laundry detergent and wash it thoroughly. Make sure the stain has lifted the stain. Otherwise, the dryer will dry it.


    Red wine is tempting because it can make you swirl and dance freely. However, a minor spill can get your confidence down. So the next time you come home with a red wine spill, hold on to some salt and water to remove the stubborn stain.


    Place the spiller cloth in the bucket.

    Add some water and salt to the spilled area.

    Pour some boiling water over a tough stain. If it still resists leaving the cloth, pour in half a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of ammonium, and one cup alcohol, and soak it for 15 minutes.

    Rinse the cloth, and it’s ready to go into the washing machine.

    Peanut Butter

    You may wonder if peanut butter adds to the stains and does not help get rid of them. You will be shocked to know that your lipstick marks can be erased using a bit of peanut butter. These are uncommon and unusual uses of peanut butter that will surprise you.


    Take a spoonful of peanut butter and apply it to the area with the lipstick stain.

    Keep it for around 15-20 minutes, but do not let the peanut butter dry.

    Rinse the cloth with warm water and wash the cloth with washing powder.


    Vegetable, chocolate, and egg stains can be irritating because these accidents mainly occur in the morning during breakfast. Getting these stains cleared instantly becomes a pain then. To make these stains disappear, all you need is some cold water and glycerin.


    In a bucket, take 1:4 propionate glycerin and cold water.

    Soak the cloth into the solution for 30 minutes.

    Launder the cloth with liquid detergent and dry it for later use.

    Baking Soda

    Greasy and oily stains are resilient because they adhere to the material tightly. Baking soda works wonders to get rid of these stains.


    Scrape the stains with a blunt knife.

    Make sure you aren’t wearing the garment.

    Pour cool water from the backside and let the area get cleared.

    While it remains moist, scrub together baking soda and washing powder and gently rub it in a circular motion until the greasy stain disappears.

    White Vinegar

    Ever had coffee spilled on your new shirt? Coffee stains tend to remain and not go with plain water. A little white vinegar is all you need to fight against this stain and give a makeover to your shirt (just the look, it won’t change anything for bad).


    If the stain is fresh, then cold water is good enough to clear the stains. However, if the stain was untouched for hours and water doesn’t work, then you can dab with white vinegar. You can even incorporate a little bit of baking soda and pretreat the cloth until it’s ready for laundry.

    70% Alcohol

    Ink stains are every day for you to handle an ink pen or have fun playing with pens. However, those are the most difficult to discard due to the color and binding affinity of the ink. This stain can be removed easily with alcohol.


    To prepare 70% alcohol: Mix 70ml of alcohol and 30ml water (increase the volume accordingly).

    Insert a paper towel under the stained area and then our alcohol.

    Let it sit in alcohol for an hour at least. You can launder the cloth the usual way later.

    Dish Soap

    Ladies will agree that makeup creates a lot of mess around, especially when you are a beginner. Most will want to wrap a towel or a cloth around to prevent spoiling their attire. But cleaning that fabric filled with foundation can be irritating. Dish soap is all you require to clean your attire.


    If ever you spill liquid makeup, never rub that area. Instead, use a blunt knife to scrape it. Rubbing will push the stain closer to the fabric. Instead, wash the area with dish soap and then soak it in hot water for 15 minutes. Once the stains become mild, launder them thoroughly with clean water.

    Lemon And Salt

    Sweat and perspiration can be normal to some while intense for others. This may sound unusual, but your sweat can leave a yellowish-brown stain in areas surrounding the armpits. Lemon, salt, and sun are the core components to restore your material to being sweat-free and odorless.


    Make a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Scrub this paste in the affected area. Soak the material in the sun so that the mixture dries. If the stain does not leave, use hydrogen peroxide mixed in water and soak it for an hour. Wash the material with clean water and detergent later.

    The bottom line!

    Though several items can help you get rid of stubborn stains, most are heavy on the pockets and the environment. However, using these daily items found in our kitchen can be eco-friendly and lose on your pockets. At the same time, they serve the same purpose of cleaning the stain. A piece of advice is to wash the stained material immediately after the stain. This will not let the stain seep into the fabrics. If this step is not possible, then it is better to soak the cloth in hot water for an hour before the laundry. Also, always make sure that your clothes are colorfast. Check with a smaller area in the corner if you are not sure about it. This will ensure that the color does not come off even when soaked in cold and hot water. Try out these easy hacks, and do not worry about soils and stains.