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Can You Overuse Disinfectant Cleaners?

    When it comes to cleaning, we all want our house to be as clean as possible, especially if we have children at home. Parents tend to get everything they possibly can which would kill bacteria and germs in general so that their kids grow up in a safe environment. While protection is necessary, overprotection can cause issues that can be seriously hazardous. Hence, it is important to know everything beforehand, especially when dealing with disinfectant cleaners.

    This is why we have gathered everything that needs to be discussed and which you should be well aware of when dealing with these chemicals. Go through them so that you are using them in the right way and in a quantity that is not yet harmful. After all, when it comes to our kids, no one would like to compromise their safety for any given reason, even if it is caused by the overuse of disinfectants!

    What do the Reports Say?

    If you have never heard about this concept before, you might be shocked that there have been numerous instances where research has shown that while the chemicals present in these disinfectants are effective in killing bacteria, they are also the cause of serious health diseases, especially in women and children. One example could be the report prepared by Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) which showed how different chemicals can affect the human body when these cleaners are overused.

    We will be discussing the specific issues that are caused by several chemicals in a while but before that, what needs to be made clear is the difference between disinfecting and cleaning.

    Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

    The reason behind highlighting this is the fact that most households have now started using products that were specifically made for hospitals and clinics at home regularly. While there is no harm in using them at home, one needs to understand that excessive use or even use of these cleaners daily can be harmful.

    When you go to a store and buy a cleaning product, you need to know whether you are getting a regular cleaner or a product that claims to be a disinfectant. The latter one contains chemicals that directly affect our health because only through those chemicals they can kill the bacteria. On the other hand, a regular cleaner will help remove germs instead of killing them.

    The reason why you need to know this difference is to be aware of where to use what. Firstly, you don’t have to disinfect your house daily because it is not a hospital, and cleaning it would be sufficient. Additionally, for times when the use is necessary, what you can do is either opt for non-toxic alternatives that will not cause such harm or just use them as directed and only when needed.

    Chemicals Used

    There are several chemicals used in these products which is why the overuse of disinfectants can cause serious health diseases. Some of the major names that you might need to keep an eye on can be identified as chlorine bleach, ammonia, nano-silver, and quaternary ammonium compounds which are also called ‘quats’ for short.

    Some of the health issues related to these compounds include but are not limited to:

      • Chlorine is known for eye irritation, and respiratory issues and if it is mixed with ammonia, there can be issues like shortness of breath, coughing, etc.
      • Ammonia is also harmful to the eyes and skin.
      • As for quats, they are known for asthma-related issues.

    The reason why we said that they are more harmful when it comes to kids is that these are highly concentrated chemicals which is exactly why they are good at killing germs. However, with kids at home, you need to be very cautious of not just using it in a limited manner, but also keeping it out of their reach.

    What to do Then?

    The purpose of stating everything that we just did is not to say that you should completely stop using disinfectants. It is only for you to be more cautious and be aware that using it regularly may not be required.

    However, if you are a clean freak and do not think that giving up on this would be easy for you, you can always use non-toxic alternatives like vinegar for cleaning windows or even essential oils which are known for antibacterial properties.

    We hope that this would have helped you in understanding the whole situation better and to be more concerned and informed when using any product at home!