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Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner

    There are so many choices how do you know which one fits your needs? Here are the top 5 things to consider when looking for that ideal vacuum.  There are 3 main types and many options for each style. We will show you the ones that meet the criteria talked about in this article.

    1. Pay attention to the brand because you want easy parts availability. Vacuums have some worn parts and replacing them can keep your machine in top shape. Can you get belts, bags, brushes, and other parts easily? I would stick with top brands that are timeless so the parts will be available years from now. The brands we like are Hoover, Bissell, Eureka, Dyson, Oreck, Sanitaire, Proteam, and iRobot.

    2. Think about what type of flooring you have; is it mostly carpet or hard floor? Do you have lots of stairs or different levels? How far are you moving the vacuum and how long are you using it? Are you looking for a lifetime vacuum or just something to get you by for a few years? A standard household vacuum is typically all you need but if you’re looking at high use and something you will have for a long time, you might want to look at a commercial option, but keep in mind these are usually more expensive. The answer to these questions will give the basic idea of what type of vacuum will fit your needs.


    3. If you have mostly carpet with big spaces then I would consider an upright vacuum with a hard floor setting. If you have mostly hard floors then I would consider a backpack or canister-style vacuum. An upright vacuum is self-contained and is usually used with one hand. A backpack vacuum is exactly as it sounds, you wear it on your back and hold the wand in your hand. A tank or canister-style vacuum usually has rollers and you pull it along with the hose and wand. Some canister-style and backpack vacuums have a beater/brush bar for carpets. If you have a hard floor and carpet it is important to have this option. On the carpet, this lifts the fiber while increasing the cleaning efficiency. On the hard floor, you don’t need a beater/bush bar so you want the option of lifting the brush so you just have suction. Listed below are examples of each type.



    4. When you think about the space you are going to vacuum and how much you will use your vacuum, consider what kind of physical shape you are in because vacuuming can be hard work. Look at the weight of the vacuum. The lightest is not always the best but consider the weight when your picking one out. If you have mostly hard floors and are not wanting to take time to vacuum you might consider one of the robotic options.

    Here are our top picks for the upright, canister, backpack, and robotic types.


    5. Bag or bagless. In the past, I would have said bags are better but not anymore, the bagless designs have come a long way and work very well. Bag vacuums are still a good choice but remember you will need to have extra bags on hand and replace them when needed so your machine will give you top performance. This is the same with bagless, if you don’t dump the tank and clean the filter regularly you will not be happy with its cleaning ability. Listed below are a few other top picks to help with your search. Also, check out the next page for a little-known carpet cleaning tip.

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    Do you like your carpet to look just perfect? Do you like a nice pattern on your carpet or do you want a tool to use after your carpet is cleaned or vacuumed? Have you ever heard of a carpet rake? This tool is pretty handy and can be used anytime. Rake your carpet whenever you want to increase its appearance or to help its longevity. A carpet rake keeps the fiber stranding up and decreases the wear patterns. Use it just like a rake and pick whatever pattern you like. Listed below are a few choices for you to look at.


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