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Cleaning 101 How to Clean Your Toilets

    Toilet has been the most used seat in your house, which means it’s required to clean regularly to maintain a certain level of hygiene. Disinfecting the entire surface, including the handle, bowl, seat, bowl, and exteriors, helps you in the best ways to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.

    Essential Supplies 

    • Disinfectants Spray Or All-purpose Spray Cleaner 
    • Cleaning Waterproof Gloves
    • Toilet Bowl Cleaner Or Homemade Cleaner
    • Toilet Brush
    • Dry Cloth Or Wipes
    • Scrub Sponge 
    • Pumice Stone

    How To Clean The Toilet

    First, start removing visible dust, grime, or dirt. It is necessary before using disinfectants to clean the area for effectively eliminating germs. Using an all-purpose spray cleaner, spray the tank, seat, handle, and the whole exterior of the toilet. Please keep the cleaner on the surface for up to five minutes before wiping it off with a clean, dry cloth.

    How To Clean The Toilet Bowl

    1. Flush the toilet to get the water emptied of the bowl and close the water value to it.
    2. Sprinkle toilet cleaning powder into the bowl.
    3. Scrub the bowl by wearing gloves and using a sponge.
    4. After you get done with the scrubbing, add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the toilet.
    5. Wait for an hour before turning the water on for flushing.

    How To Clean The Toilet Tank

    Don’t overlook your tank while cleaning the toilet, as it leads to the buildup of mold, rust, and grime inside, resulting in an unpleasant smell in the bathroom.

    1. Start by emptying the tank by flushing and closing the water valve to the tank. 
    2. Next, take the distilled white vinegar, fill it to the top, and rest overnight or 12 hours before flushing. If any residue is left, use a scrub brush to remove it. 
    3. Turn on the water valve and flush the toilet a few times to rinse.

    Suppose you can’t wait for 12 hours and want to clean it immediately. Add a cup of baking soda, two cups of vinegar, and a few drops of dishwasher soap to the empty tank. Use a brush scrub inside the tank, and after 15 minutes, turn the water on to rinse. It is best to clean the tank twice a year.

    How To Clean Toilet Stains

    Mildew and hard water can leave rings or stains around your toilet. 

    1. To remove stains, empty the bowl of water. 
    2. Next, pour a cup of vinegar and let it settle down for a minute. 
    3. On the stained area, sprinkle some baking soda and pour another two cups of vinegar. 
    4. Let the fizzed mixture soak for five minutes, then get rid of the stains with the help of a brush.

    If it gets tough to get rid of the stain, use a pumice stone, and it instantly removes hard stains without scratching the surface.


    To avoid forming stains, pour half a cup of vodka every month in the toilet, and it will help prevent rings from forming.

    Lastly, Clean Your Supplies

    Do not forget to clean the brushes you used for cleaning purposes to avoid bacterial growth.

    With the help of bleach and cleansing solution, you can easily clean your brush. Before you think of taking out the worn gloves, please give them a good scrubbing with soap and hot water, thus preventing your hands from getting dirty. Then, dry all the pieces of equipment before putting them away for subsequent use.


    Cleaning a toilet can be a bit of a fussy thing to do. But regularly cleaning your toilet will make the process much easier for next time. With the right supplies and guidance, your work can quickly eliminate harmful bacteria and ugly soil buildup.