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Cleaning Your AC Like A Pro

    From time to time, you may notice that your air conditioner is not giving you the same relaxation and comfort as it used to. The heating may become less when you have the air conditioning, ventilating, and heating system. It is imperative to maintain air conditioners, and it will also help you keep the system working for longer. Moreover, it also helps in getting lower energy bills. So you need to maintain the repairs so that your air conditioner can perform better. 

    If done correctly and regularly, air conditioning requires less than an hour to get repaired and maintained. You can do everything like a pro and save money. 

    Tips For Better Cleaning Of Air Conditioners

    Essential items to consider:

    • You should also have a tool kit specifically designed for air conditioning cleaning. 
    • To do the job right, you need to have time for at least half a day, as it is not easy and requires a lot of patience. 

    If you want to achieve professionalism in this field, then there are some motor skills that you also need to learn to have this type of maintenance. If you cannot understand the functioning of your air conditioner, it is better to take help from a professional.

    Let us first understand the outside and the inside of the air conditioner. The outside unit is called the condenser, which has a compressor that pumps into the house to keep it cool and helps draw the warm air out of the house. The outside unit has an exhaust fan, which helps to release the air into the surrounding. To clean the air conditioner, you need to understand how it works and what parts need cleaning and which parts need to stay dry.

    The inner unit of the air conditioner is the evaporator coil, which helps to absorb heat. The internal coils are copper to conduct heat quickly and help cool the room. These copper coils help to absorb the heat and evaporate it to the gas state. 

    Cleaning Air Conditioning Units From The Inside

    It’s your air conditioner, so you decide whether you want to start the cleaning from outside or inside the unit. Here are some points that will help you better understand how you can clean an air conditioner from the inside.

    Turn Off The Power Button

    Safety comes first, as the air conditioner has many moving parts, so it is always better to turn off the power at your breaker box. This means you need to clean your air conditioner in daylight, as you’ll have no lights. You can also unplug the device as well. 

    Open-air Conditioning Unit

    Depending upon the unit of the air conditioner, you need to remove the foil duct tape. Your blower unit will have an opening to the evaporator coil. There are many screws and bolts on the way.

    Clean The Evaporator Coils

    Remove the dust by using a soft brush on the coils. The dust may have small tiny particles of whatever pollutes your home. So it is best to wear a mask if you have an allergy to dust. But for the best solution, you can buy a no-rinse coil cleaner from the hardware store. This is a foaming spray that creates foam and then drips the dust into the drain pan, and it washes all the dirt with fewer efforts. The best time to do this is in summer because after cleaning, when you turn on the air conditioner, the condensation will rinse off the coils.

    Clean The Air Conditioning Drain Pan

    Once cleaning the coils thoroughly, use the soap and warm water and use bleach to clean the drain. Make sure to clean it thoroughly as it often grows algae. So to get rid of this, you can buy air conditioning drain pan tablets from the hardware stores. You can also do this by letting out moderate pressure from a hose nozzle. 

    Clear The Air Conditioner Drain

    If you do not have the habit of cleaning your ac regularly, then the mold and algae can build up in the drain. It’s the PVC pipe that doesn’t take too much time to build up to clog. 

    Your drain may end outside on the basement floor. You can also use a wet or dry vacuum to clean the filter. Hold the vacuum at the end of the drain tube. You can also hold the towel to prevent leakage. Turn on the vacuum and let it run for a few minutes and then clear out anything back there.

    Close The Air Condition Access Panel

    The HVAC metal foil tape will help you seal back and reattach the access panel. Remember not to cover the manufacturers’ label as it will be helpful to perform maintenance in the future by professionals.

    You may encounter many challenges while cleaning in an air conditioner, but you can handle all this alone. If you think that you need any professionals to help clean the AC, do take it.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    To keep your air conditioner running strong, you need to maintain it from time to time. Cleaning AC does not require professional efforts, and you can do it with the help of things like vacuums, chemical-based cleaning solutions, and specified tools. But getting your AC cleaned by professionals will get the work done in a more precise way, and also, they will have comprehensive checklists to make sure that the unit runs well. 

    Once the cleaning is complete, the professionals will provide you with a report of all the detailed work and the parts that need adjustments and repairs. Cleaning air conditioners does not require hefty tools, but only motor skills that are easy to gain and helpful. 

    You can also prefer to take the help of the owner’s manual, which will help you navigate through the process and systems, and how they are to be maintained. Also, don’t forget to call a professional within two to three years to check whether the services have been going well. 


    All the above steps were straightforward, and also it will only take a few hours to complete the work. You do not require any special skills and experience if you are familiar with the blowers, furnaces, and other parts of the air conditioners. The above were some basic steps to let you know how you can maintain AC like a pro. You can carry out the most maintenance work by reading the above points and procedures.