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Designing an Incredible Reading Space

    If you are a book lover who is always too busy to take out time for reading, all you need is a perfect reading space. Creating a reading room design that complements your taste will encourage you to read more. Additionally, you can be as artsy as you want with this space because no one but you will be using it.

    If you have a lot of ideas in mind and it is getting confusing where to start from, here is a useful guide for you to follow and take one thing at a time. By the end of this list, you will be all set with the perfect design.

    Choose a Place

    Before thinking about what your space will include, you need to be sure about where this space should be. Deciding a place is not that hard if you have limited options. However, if you have quite a few empty spaces that can be converted into a reading space, you will have to prioritize.

    A benefit of deciding a place is that you can make any space your own. All you require is an arrangement where you have enough area to sit comfortably. Hence, even a small area near the stairs could be converted into an incredible reading space.

    Seating Arrangement

    Once you are clear about the space, you need to decide what kind of seating arrangement you would prefer. If you have recently started the practice of reading and want an area that doesn’t make you fall asleep, it is better to get a reading chair alongside an ottoman.

    It will help you concentrate while being at ease. In contrast to that, if you are an avid reader who does not fall asleep while reading a book, you can opt for a bean bag or a couch. Since this is your house that we are talking about, it is best to have a space that gives you the perfect vibe, no matter how weird it may sound to someone with a different taste.

    Increase Usability

    Adding on to the seating arrangement, if you want to increase the space’s usability, the reading room furniture could have a table. By doing so, you can use the area for your office-related work. If you have children, it can serve as a study area as well.

    However, if you feel like space should be reserved for reading and widening your horizon, you can keep work and studies reserved for a different room.  Once again, it all depends on your preferences regarding which option you would like to go with.

    Adding Shelves

    There are numerous ways through which shelves could be added to the arrangement. From floating shelve to traditional settings; you can opt for whichever option suits your style and space available. If you have a gigantic collection, having wall-sized shelves will be suitable.

    However, this is only applicable if you are the kind of reader who likes to be surrounded by their collection while reading. If you have a separate library made in the basement and just want an extra reading space in your room, this may not be applicable.

    Be Cozy

    While this may seem like an obvious pointer, people tend to forget about it when preparing the space. The rationale behind it is to understand how significant it is to make this a part of your planning. Being another crucial addition to the reading room furniture, your space can have as many cushions and throw blankets as you want, depending on your place’s need and size.

    Additionally, since you are no more in school where you have to follow certain etiquette for the library, your reading space can be as comfy as you want.

    Add a Side Space

    While a table is entirely optional, we believe that you need to have a side space that could be used to place snacks and beverages. It can be a small wooden round table set in front of the chair or a side table.

    Whatever it is, make sure you have a place designated to put your coffee mug at; you certainly do not want to have your cup placed on the floor, which can spill at any given point in time on your beautiful rug.

    Light Up

    While shopping for the perfect products, do not forget to add lights to your list. You can be as creative as you want, but do ensure that you do not completely rely on the lights that space already has. Room lights are great, but adding a side lamp or even scented candles will add to the overall ambiance when you design a space specifically for reading.

    Another alternative could be to have your space set up in front of a glass window or even outdoors; if you have a patio. By doing so, you can use the natural light, which will also keep your mood uplifted. For nights, you can have fairy lights installed, if lamps aren’t your personal favorite.

    Have a Theme

    Last on our list is an additional tip to make your space better. While it is not necessary to have a theme for your reading space, you can have a specific way of decorating the place. For example, if you are a plant person, the area could be surrounded by pots. If you have a thing for colors, you can have contrasting shades for the furniture and work your overall reading room design accordingly!

    While the perfect reading space is different for everyone, do ensure to make one that best defines your taste and not something considered ideal by the world. In the making, if you have to buy a product, make sure first to check quality reviews and only then consider it so that your experience is not shattered in any way possible!