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Fun Diffuser And Essential Oil Ideas

    Aromatherapy is considered one of the two uses of essential oils-the other being skincare. However, that is not true. Yes, there is no denying that essential oils are primarily used for aromatherapy and skincare routines, but you can do a lot more with them than just scenting up a place or rejuvenating your skin.

    Since scented oils are organic, they can be used for many purposes without fear of facing any harmful side effects. Considering that many creative innovators came up with interesting ideas to reap the benefits of the glossy and perfumed goodness of essential oils. And not all of those tricks require a diffuser! If you don’t own a diffuser (we’d recommend you consider investing in one), you can still bask in the aroma of scented oils in many ways. As long as you are willing to try, you can enjoy essential extracts without having to spend on any additional tools or utensils.

    Have we stirred up your interest yet? If yes, then as a reward, we are going to share four unbelievably easy and fun ideas to use essential oils with you. And even if you think you could never be interested in the scented extract business, go through our tricks, and we promise you’d want to try those.  So, buckle up, here we go.

    Fight Fridge Odor

    Many times that five-day-old pizza or the last week’s pot roast can stink up the fridge. Getting rid of that putrid smell can seem challenging, but you can tackle it with lemon-grass extracts. Take a box of baking powder, add 15 drops of lemon-grass oil and place it in your fridge. Try not to open the refrigerator frequently once you have put in the concoction. Soon, the stink will dissipate.

    Deodorize the Car

    You don’t need to buy expensive air fresheners to add a pleasant aroma to your car. Get a vial of lavender oil and soak a cotton ball. Clip the ball on the air vents of your vehicle and let the blowing wind do the magic! You can also use peppermint oil if lavender is too sweet for you.

    Relax your Muscles

    Feeling sore all over the body because you pushed a little too hard in the gym? Don’t worry; essential oils can help you with that. Muscles feel pain or discomfort due to inflammation, and some essential oils are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, grab a bottle of tea tree or lavender oil, mix the liquid in your bath salts, then run a bath using those. Soak in the water for a good thirty to forty minutes (you can lie for a long while if you wish to), and you’ll feel all the exhaustion rushing out of your body.

     Freshen up the Kitchen

    Kitchens can often reek of stale food that can be pretty nauseating for anyone. But with a pot of simmering water on the stove and some drops of lemon-grass extract, you can free your kitchen from any stomach-turning stench.

    Boil some water in a saucepan, once it starts bubbling aggressively, add the oil. The steam vapors will carry the aroma of the extract and scent up your kitchen.

    Lastly, if you think a diffuser will do you good (which it most certainly will) and you manage to get one, use it to calm yourself down on days when life gets too overwhelming for you. All you’ll need to do is add peppermint or lavender oil in your diffuser and breathe in the sweet goodness wafting from the apparatus.