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Homemade Remedies For Cleaning Your Ears

    Body cleanliness is non-negotiable, and we all know that. This is why we spend plenty of our money on hair, skin, and body products and plenty of time applying them. But, there is one part that most people always tend to ignore- ears. For the longest time, people were using q-tips. But, after realizing its potential to damage the ears, there’s been confusion about what to use. Of course, artificial ear cleaners are always an option, but it’s best to go for homemade remedies considering they have little to zero side effects. 

    So, to shed some light on this topic, here’s a guide comprising the top homemade remedies to clean your ears effectively. Let’s get started!

    Why Is It Important To Clean Your Ears Regularly?

    Ears, when left uncleaned for even a couple of days, can cause a build-up of earwax. This not only results in clogged ears but also proves highly unhygienic. In addition to that, there are some more severe consequences involved. For instance, if you don’t clean your ears regularly and thoroughly, the earwax continues to increase, and it slowly starts moving into the ear canal. After crossing a certain point, it creates an infection deep inside the ear, resulting in hampered hearing abilities or complete hearing loss. 

    Keeping these points in mind, it becomes imperative to clean your ears regularly and clean them in the right way, with the right products. 

    What Makes Homemade Remedies Better Than Artificial Products?

    Storebought products may bring a certain level of convenience and ease as you don’t have to go out of your way and take any special steps to clean your ears. But, it must be kept in mind that artificial products are often heavily processed with strong chemicals and other ingredients. They have a higher concentration, which makes them effective in terms of cleaning. But, there is always a chance of damaging your ears due to such a highly concentrated solution. And it is best to keep harsh ingredients out of your sensory organs, and the ears are no exception. 

    So, as far as possible, try to prefer naturally developed, homemade remedies and play safe when it comes to sensitive body organs like your ears. That being said, let’s look at some of the best ways to clean your ears from the inside. 

    Home Remedies: Cleaning Out The Earwax

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    You’ll see apple cider vinegar is in most home remedies, no matter what the concern is. And for ears, too, it happens to be one of the best ingredients for cleaning, all thanks to the high acidity and naturally found antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in it. 

    Using it is quite simple. Make an ear cleaning solution by mixing equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water. After that, use a cotton pad or a cotton ball to dip it in this solution and place it near your ear hole. Leave it there for a couple of minutes, and then pat it with a dry towel. 

    Salt Compress

    Salt compress is yet another highly effective remedy for cleaning ears. The primary reason behind this is that it can extract fluids from the inside and proves to be a pain-relieving agent. This is why salt compress can prove most useful in case you develop an ear infection. 

    To make a salt compress at home, simply heat some salt in a pan on low flame, and when it reaches the suitable temperature, take it off the heat and pour it into a soft cloth. After that, tie the cloth with a rubber band or thread, and place this small, homemade salt compress on your ear for 15 minutes, and that’s about it.


    Garlic is an antibacterial ingredient, making it an excellent pick for keeping your ears clean and free from bacteria. On the other hand, garlic also contains pain-relieving properties, which means you can use it even after developing an infection to relieve the physical pain. 

    So, to disinfect your ear and make the pain go away, boil some garlic cloves in water for 3-5 minutes. Once they are softened and warm, roughly crush them and add a pinch of salt. Put this mixture inside a clean piece of cloth and tie it tightly. Then, keep this small garlic bag on the ear, allow it to do its job for a couple of minutes, and then take it off.


    Surprisingly, basil can be used as a cleaning agent, too, as long as it is paired with good ingredients and applied well. Not only is basil packed with antioxidants, but it also contains antibacterial properties, which makes it an excellent fit to clean your ears thoroughly. 

    So, to use basil for keeping your ears clean, mix an equal number of drops of holy basil oil and coconut oil in a container. Then use a small cotton ball, dip it inside this oily solution, and gently wipe your ear and ear hole with it. Let this oil sit there for a minute or two, and then wipe it clean with a clean cloth. 

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is not just antibacterial, but it is also antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. So clearly, when it comes to cleaning your ear, tea tree oil does a solid job. In addition to it, this oil also contains some therapeutic properties, making it a pain reliever too. 

    When it comes to the application part, simply add a couple of drops of tea tree oil and the same number of drops of olive oil in a container. Often, ear wax attracts several bacteria and fungus, but tea tree oil destroys it. 


    All in all, keeping your ears clean is not that complicated as long as you know what to use. With this guide, you can keep your ears clean and free from any possible infections. In addition to the list mentioned above of remedies, you can also try using a hydrogen peroxide solution for a deep cleaning impact.