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How To Clean Your Bathroom With Natural Supplies

    Don’t we all love sparkling clean bathrooms? But what about cleaning them? It’s one of those household chores that most people dread. After all, other than your kitchen, cleaning the bathroom takes most time and effort, for it has several different surfaces, including mirrors, tiles, showers or tubs, and toilets. Each of these surfaces has varying cleaning needs and requires the use of different commercial cleaners, which is not always a pocket-friendly idea. So if you are someone who dreads cleaning your bathroom because sometimes it just breaks your bank, don’t worry. Mother Nature has equipped us with the right supplies to clean all the surfaces of your bathroom so you can look forward to a sparkling clean toilet every single time without over-spending on commercial bathroom cleaners. Let’s look at the pocket-friendly natural supplies you need to clean different surfaces of your bathroom.

    #1. Vinegar To Clean the Mirrors – Alternatively, Use Baking Soda

    Did you know that most commercial window and mirror cleaners have vinegar as an active ingredient? So why not rely on this natural supply to give a sparkling shine to your bathroom mirror. Get started by mixing water and vinegar in equal proportion and dispensing them into an old spray bottle. All you need to do now is to squirt a little of this homemade solution on your mirrors and give a good scrub using old newspaper to give a streak-free finish.
    An alternative natural supply that you can use to give a streak-free shine to your mirror is baking soda and spreading a generous amount on a damp sponge. Next, you need to rub the sponge over the mirror and wipe it with a wet cloth before cleaning using an old newspaper. While it is a long route to cleaning mirrors, baking soda also makes one of the most effective natural supplies for cleaning your bathroom.

    #2. Vinegar And Soda To Clean Your Toilet

    Cleaning the toilet can be a challenge but not when you use bicarbonate soda and vinegar. Soda is one of the most effective natural cleaners to cut through dirt and stains. And when combined with vinegar, the chemical reaction results in sparkling clean toilet surfaces.
    Here are two ways to clean your toilet using vinegar and soda.

    #3. Lemon To Eliminate Hard Water Stains On Bathroom Fixtures

    If you have metallic fixtures in your bathroom, you will know how hard water can leave deposits on all bathroom fixtures. And it’s not surprising that these hard water stains are quite unattractive. So why not clean these ugly stains on bathroom fixtures using lemon juice.
    Lemon juice contains acid that helps remove the hard stains on your bathroom fixtures. All you have to do is cut the lemon in half and rub it directly on all stains. You would be surprised to notice the quick action of lemon juice, and you will see the stains coming off the fixtures leaving all your bathroom fixtures clean and shiny in literally no time.

    #4. Vinegar And Lemon To Clean Bathroom Surface

    Whether you have a ceramic tiled bathroom surface or laminate or vinyl tiles, natural supplies make excellent cleaners. Use a diluted solution of vinegar or lemon and water. Mix eight tablespoons of either of the two ingredients, mix it in around three liters of warm water and mop the bathroom surface.
    If you have soap scum in your shower area or tub, you can remove the soap scum using lemon. You can either apply the lemon juice on a sponge to rub the surface, or you can directly rub the lemon and see the magic for yourself. This trick works best for removing soap scum from ceramic tiles.

    #5. Essential Oils To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

    While it’s not one of the essential cleaning steps, freshening up your bathroom after a good cleaning is one of the best ways to keep all unpleasant odors away. But to freshen up your bathroom, you don’t need synthetic fragrance when nature has provided you with some of the best fragrances in the form of essential oils.
    Freshen up your bathroom with natural supplies such as essential oils. All you need is a cup of water, a few lemon slices, and 10-15 drops of your favorite natural oil in a small diffuser bottle. And you can give a quick spray to freshen up your bathroom using natural supplies.

    Final Words

    Nature has provided you with solutions for everything, and cleaning your bathroom is not an exception. Use natural supplies such as baking soda, lemon, and vinegar to clean your bathroom. And when nature has provided you with the best and cost-effective solutions, why waste time and money buying commercial cleaning supplies?