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How To Create A Comfortable And Inviting Sun Room


    There’s something about a sunroom that makes it such a happy place. It is a bright and airy room that gives a comfortable and welcoming feel. Use this space to hang out on your own or with your friends and family. It can be your sanctuary where you come first thing in the morning and just when you need some time to relax. There are several ways in which you can create the ideal sunroom. From the choice of colors to the amount of light you are letting in, the list is endless. Here are 13 top tips on how to create a comfortable and inviting sunroom.

    Make A Cozy Corner


    One of the key components of a comfortable and inviting sunroom is a cozy corner where you can just wind down and relax. Turn your bare corner into a hang out spot by simply adding some cushions. You can go a step further and add a comfy chair and maybe a painting. Imagine drinking your morning coffee in this bright and cozy corner with the sun shining right in.

    Bare Windows

    Keep your windows bare so that more sunlight can come in. By having bare windows you can connect the outside to the inside. That way it’ll be a more inviting atmosphere. This is especially great if you have greenery and trees outside, it’ll give you a great view.

    Vintage Rug

    A rug is one of the best ways to give your sunroom character. It’ll complete the look and give you a comfortable place to put your feet on when it’s cold. There are so many different options available so take your pick and choose one that’ll blend in with your room. If you want to make a statement then choose a bolder piece.

    Mini Library

    What better way to make use of your sunroom than to spend your days reading in there. Create a mini library with some of your favorite books. It is a simple yet effective way to give your sunroom a personality of its own and make it look warm and inviting. All you have to do is set up a few shelves with books.

    Add Plants

    No sunroom is complete without some lush green plants. It is perfect for your plants as well because they’ll be getting adequate sunlight that they need to thrive. It’ll also bring in freshness and positive vibes to your sunroom, giving it a homey feel. Make your sunroom look awesome by adding a bunch of indoor plants giving you a jungle feel and creating an outside-inside look.

    Add Skylights

    Get all the sunlight that you can get by adding skylights to your sunroom. Skylights are one of the most effective ways of making your room look spacious and well-lit. They are a natural form of lighting which means that you won’t have to add many artificial lights to your room.

    Sheer Curtains

    If you feel like you need curtains in your sunroom then sheer curtains are the way to go. They will filter through the sunlight making it less harsh and provide great lighting for when you just want to cozy up and chill.

    Keep It All White

    An all-white room is such a vibe. It gives off an elegant and chic look and will ensure that the lighting in your room is on point. This is because the color white reflects light so it’ll keep your sunroom bright. Such a simple strategy, yet so effective!

    Use Natural Materials

    Try and use as many natural materials as you can in your sunroom. It’ll give the room a more relaxed feel making it look welcoming instead of intimidating. Natural materials will blend beautifully with the space, making it look even better. Some examples are using rattan or wicker furniture.

    Put A Hammock

    Spend your days swinging away in a hammock in your sunroom. It is the perfect blend of chic and comfortable. You can lie on it for hours soaking in some sunlight or listening to your favorite songs. Having comfortable seating options makes a room much more inviting so this is a great idea for your sunroom. There are plenty of colors and designs available so choose one that’ll go well with the space.

    A Pop Of Color

    Sometimes, all you need to complete the look of a place is to add a pop of color to it. This can be in any form be it through the cushions, the color of the furniture or even a painting. Adding color will bring life to your room and make it warm and welcoming. That being said, be mindful not to go overboard with it as that could make the room look overwhelming which would have the opposite effect.

    Add Glass Doors

    One of the best tips for a sunroom is to give it an inside-outside flowy feel. By adding glass doors as opposed to wooden doors you are allowing the light and energy to pass through. It gives it an open look and hence makes the room look more inviting. You’ll almost feel like you’re outside.

    Keep It Small

    The smaller your sunroom is, the cozier it’ll feel. You don’t have to make a big one in order for it to be comfortable. It’s all about the way in which you choose to do it up that’ll set the tone for it. Keep it small so that it’s easier for you to manage. Choose furniture pieces that aren’t too big and bulky. A small sunroom is intimate and will be a go-to spot for you on a daily.

    Each of these 13 tips is easy yet so effective. They’ll add greatly in helping you make your sunroom warm and welcoming that you’ll never want to leave. Follow them and watch them magically transform your space.