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How to Find A Quality Bath Towel

    Towels are such a basic commodity; one wouldn’t think that it would be hard to find a quality bath towel. However, in actuality, finding quality bath towels is harder than you think. Most of us buy towels by touching them with our hands to determine how soft and fluffy they are. While you surely need to check the softness of the towel, that’s certainly not it.

    There are so many other factors that you need to consider in order to find the best, the hardest-working bath towels that promise to last you for a really long time. After all, nobody wants to go towel-shopping every two weeks, right? A quality bath towel needs to be durable, fluffy, have great absorbency as well as quick-drying power. Take a look at some simple but useful tips that will help you find a quality bath tower for daily use.

    Fiber Content

    Do you know what separates a good quality bath towel from a bad one? Its fiber content! This is the very first thing you need to consider when buying one. For instance, look for towels that say “100% cotton” on the label because cotton has super high absorbency qualities, and it’s also the softest kind. Another great option is a cotton-polyester blend. This is also super soft with great durability and quick-drying features.


    The ultimate purpose of a bath towel is to absorb water, and the better the absorbency, the higher the quality. Heavy and thick towels are usually more absorbent than light and thin towels, but that also means they take more time to dry. So, you want to look for a bath towel that offers high absorbency, but also quick-drying at the same time.


    The unit for measuring towel weight is GSM (grams per square meter) which, in other words, is a measure of its density. The higher the GSM of a towel is, the heavier, more absorbent, and softer it will be.

    620 to 900 GSM are the heaviest type of towels, and while they are super plush, absorbent, and soft, they can take forever to dry! Chances are that you might hang one of these bath towels on a drying rack after a shower in the morning and they will still be damp hours later at night.

    The 400-620 GSM range is ideal for bath towels for they are medium-weight towels, soft and absorbent, and they dry at quite a reasonable pace. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and how heavy or lightweight you like your towel to be.


    There’s no point in a bath towel that doesn’t feel soft on the skin, right? Softness is another key factor that you need to look for in a quality bath towel. Towels made with rayon or Egyptian cotton, for instance, are really soft owing to the fact that they are made of silky and smooth yarn quality.

    It is important to note here that many manufacturers often coat their towels with a fabric softening product that tends to make a towel feel really soft and fluffy. So, a bath towel that feels soft when you check it in the store might not feel the same after using it for a day or two.


    This is a measure of how long a bath towel lasts you and obviously when you buy a nice, good quality bath towel, you want it to last you for a long time, right? When it comes to durability, two-ply towels are more long-lasting than one-ply towels. Similarly, towels made of cotton are considered to be more durable than those made of rayon.

    While you can’t know for sure if a particular bath towel is going to be durable, you can certainly check its labels or tags for more information in order at least to figure out that a towel is of good quality or not.

    Don’t Be Impressed by High Prices

    It’s human nature to automatically assume that something with a hefty price tag will be equally great in quality, but that’s not always true, especially in the case of bath towels.

    Luxury bath towels cost a lot and sometimes their price can go as far up as 100 dollars; however, that doesn’t mean you have to spend that much money to be able to get your hands on a quality bath towel. If you want to, you certainly can, but those who are looking for more affordable options should keep an eye out for high-quality, affordable bath towels that come with a decent price tag.

    Know What You Want

    Some people prefer heavier, more absorbent towels despite their long drying time, while others want something lightweight and are okay with comprising of the absorbency levels. So, it’s all about what you want and your personal preferences.

    If you are looking for an ultra-absorbent and soft bath towel, you might want to consider getting 100% cotton towels with dense yarn loops on the surface. On the other hand, if durability and impressive drying power is your preference, a cotton-poly blend bath towel might suit you best. Just know what you want and look for the same features and qualities the next time you go towel-shopping.

    Key Takeaway

    A lot of people don’t put much thought into buying a towel and tend to bring home just any towel that they see first or the one that feels the softest on the hand. However, towel-buying is a whole process where you need to look into its features, qualities and consider the above-mentioned factors if you really want to find a quality bath towel.

    It’s also essential to understand that a towel’s durability isn’t just limited to its softness or weight, but also how well you take care of it. Once you find a quality bath towel, you must follow proper towel-care methods to ensure that it lasts you a long time!