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How To Make The Most Of A Small Yard

    There’s something about outdoor spaces that contributes to the beauty, excitement, and liveliness of a home. It’s like having an extra outdoor room or wing of the house. You can enjoy the lovely weather with a hot cup of coffee alone, or you can invite over your friends and family for a barbecue. Either way, a yard is an excellent space for playing, gardening, entertaining, or relaxing.
    Regardless of its size, you can make your yard an inviting and welcoming area. Don’t worry about having a small yard; a few tips and tricks can help you make the most of every inch of your property.

    Planning Is Important

    It is pretty okay to take a more laidback and cavalier approach to landscape when dealing with a large backyard. Since it’s a large space, there are multiple areas for you to work with, and there’s also plenty of room to install numerous features. In such cases, it is pretty easy to get away with a landscaping misshape here or there. However, unfortunately, the same scenario doesn’t apply to small-sized yards. If you don’t plan the design of your small yard carefully beforehand, you are highly likely to run out of room very quickly. The problem with small yards is that you can’t afford to lose some much-needed space because of a poorly placed plant or tree. Having a limited amount of space means that there is very little to no room for designing errors. Therefore, developing a comprehensive and cohesive design plan for your yard space is imperative to achieve the overall look and feel you want.

    Make It Cozy

    A small backyard serves as an excellent canvas to create a comfortable and cozy space for your guests and family members. Create an intimate atmosphere in your yard by installing a patio canopy, laying down some cozy blankets on the seats, fluffing up some colorful cushions, and stringing some warm string lights. These tiny elements can help bring about a massive difference in your yard by adding some much-needed comfort.

    Plant Perennials

    When it comes to flowers, perennials are one of the most incredible, low-maintenance options that can liven and brighten up your outdoor space. Perennials make a comeback every year, which means that they’ll help you save a ton of money on landscaping in the long run. Plant colorful perennials in your flower beds and watch them bloom every spring. Make sure to conduct the prep work thoroughly when planting them to ensure that they look their best.

    Pay Attention To Landscaping

    Plants are an integral element of your outdoor space. The benefit of having a small yard is that you can make the most of your outdoor retreat while having to spend lesser time constantly caring for your plants. The best choice is to plant low-maintenance plants in colorful steel buckets or lightweight containers that can easily be moved around. If you’re looking to give your yard a sense of privacy, select plants that grow at least 3-4 feet tall and arrange them in a way to keep people from peeking inside.

    Install An Outdoor Structure

    An outdoor structure or embellishment is an interesting architectural detail that adds more personality to your space. Installing a statue or trellis can help drag the focus from the small proportions of your yard while making it appear more put-together. It’s best to position this structure near the entrance or at the end of the property to create a focal point that pulls in attention. You can accentuate this piece even further by strategic outdoor lighting.

    Lighting Is Key

    Lighting is a significant element that ultimately defines the look and feel of an indoor or outdoor space. Since lighting plays a vital role in how an outdoor space looks and feels, you should consider incorporating both task and ambient lighting to determine the mood you want while getting the amount of light you need. If you don’t want to spend too much on lighting, battery-powered candles or warm string lights are always great options.

    Wrapping Up

    Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to revamp your yard space this season. Whether small or big, it can take time to find the correct elements that will pull your space together. So, it’s best to complete your small back in stages. For instance, start the landscaping during summers, install a backyard embellishment during spring, and spend the rest of the year picking out and saving some wonderful decorations. Our advice: Be inventive and creative with your outdoor furnishings and curtail your splurge to just one or two high-quality pieces.
    However, all in all, we hope our tips above can help you make the most of a small yard.