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How To Remove Mold From Your Home

    Mold can appear on any surface in your house and can grow in any environment. Surprisingly, it can either be dangerous or completely harmless; however, it needs to be tackled accordingly. 

    Know Which Type Of Mold Has Sprung Up In Your House? 

    The most common form of mold found in households is mildew, which is not dangerous. Mildew is typically deposited on surfaces where it is both warm and damp, for instance, washrooms and cellars. It resembles soil and is black. The areas that are less exposed to sunlight, damp, and not used regularly are breeding grounds for mold. Indeed, there’s mold concentration somewhere in your house if you can smell a distinct musty odor. 

    You would want to do away with mold accumulation wherever you find it as soon as possible. However, you may have to seek a professional’s help if you have found a mold covering 10 square feet or more of the house. Learning how to clean mold becomes critical, especially if it is toxic and can put your health in jeopardy as it could adversely impact your respiratory system. 

    Killing Mold With Household Products

    Baking soda, white vinegar, and borax are very effective in removing molds. These are readily available in most households and cost nothing. While most home products can help remove molds, some only are used for a specific purpose. Use bleach with caution, as it is incredibly harsh. 

    Getting Rid Of Mold On Fabric

    In most cases, mildew is removed from the clothes. In the first place, you should separate the compromised fabric from other clothes to avoid spreading mold spores in your wardrobe. Now, brush away all the mold on the surface if you can wash it with boiling water. Also, don’t forget to add a few drops of disinfectant to the water while washing. Finally, soak the cloth in a solution of oxy-bleach and water if the stains are still there. 

    Removing Mold From Interior Surfaces

    Mold concentration on the walls or wooden panels is dangerous, so you must at once look for structural damage and make sure to wear proper safety gear covering your face and bare hands. If you notice structural damage then, you should immediately call for professional help. Do away with old rugged carpets that emit a musty odor. First, ensure that you dispose of it safely by avoiding contact with any other surface. Then, clean the floor using a disinfectant solution and let it dry thoroughly. 

    Kill Mold On Tiling

    The most common area where mold can settle in is the bathroom due to excess moisture. You can mix one portion of bleach with 16 parts of water and directly apply it to the affected area. Leave the mixture for at least 15 minutes, then scrub it off.

    Killing Mold On Leather Accessories 

    Bring out the Leather items first that are affected due to mold to treat them. Utilize a cloth soaked in white vinegar and clean the exterior. Warm water and soap are helpful to remove the vinegar then make it dry using a new cloth. These tips are sufficient enough to eliminate the mold from the leather accessories. Mix 1 part of detergent into ten parts bleach and 20 parts water to clean mold on other surfaces. Apply the solution on the affected area only and leave it to dry instead of rinsing.

    Getting Rid Of Mold From Exterior Surfaces

    Mold on loose surfaces can be fixed using a chlorine bleach concentration. Add a gallon of water into a cup of bleach. Don’t forget to cover the surrounding places with a thick plastic sheet. Apply the solution on the affected surfaces, let it dry or hand-wash, and don’t forget to cover your face with safety glass; wear a mask and goggles. 

    Final Thoughts

    Mold can be dangerous or harmless; whatever the case may be, you should clean it as soon as you discover it in any part of your house. It’s easy to sweep off mold colonies as long as it is within a confined area with home products efficiently. However, if it stretches beyond 10 square feet, consider calling a professional to remove it. Now that you have learned quick hacks to deal with molds at home, bidding it farewell will be much easier like ever before.