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Most Efficient Ways to Deep-Clean Your Home

    Homes go through a lot of wear and tear, especially during and after winter. Keeping up with the laundry or dishes takes a lot of time every week, and it becomes impossible to take up any other task. But once every year, it’s worth it to take out time and scrub the spaces that usually got neglected in routine cleaning. We are saying this because even the tidiest houses need deep cleaning from time to time. 

    If you’re petrified of the word deep cleaning, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to get overwhelmed or waste a whole day cleaning. You can easily take up one room at a time. Breaking down the process makes the task much more manageable. With our deep cleaning guide, you can clean your house without taking extra time. 


    Before You Begin

    • Declutter It – Before you dive into the deep cleaning, you have to do some preparations. Start with picking up any items accumulated on the floor, tables, tops, or counters. Decluttering is crucial because you can’t keep working if you are surrounded by the mess the whole time. 
    • Stock – Up – Before you dig in, make sure you’ve stocked all the necessary supplies for deep cleaning. This step is crucial because the last thing you want is to run out of something exactly when you were about to finish your task. You can include the following :

    Start from Top to Bottom 

    Besides motivation and necessary supplies, what can make your cleaning task successful is proper technique. Do not pick random places to clean. Always start from the top and bottom in the last. Start from dusting the ceiling fan, blinds, and chandelier. In the end, clean the floor, tables, change sheets, etc. Most people who clean randomly see something dirty, clean it, and the dirt falls to what they just cleaned. 

    Let’s Move to the Kitchen

    • Start from the cabinets – Using a damp cloth wipe down dirt or dust inside or outside the cabinet. If you have grease splatter on the counter or cabinet, dip a cloth in undiluted vinegar to scrub the grease off and wash it with warm water to wash away the vinegar. 
    • Arranged Countertops – For countertops, take everything off the counter and clean and dry it thoroughly. Once dry, place what you need daily and eliminate expired products or damaged cutlery. 
    • Don’t forget the refrigerator – Your midnight snack friend, your fridge, deserves some care. Take everything out and clean spots and food spills. While putting everything back to place, make sure you check the expiration date for everything. Disinfect the door handles and defrost the freezer. 
    • Clean the oven, gas stove, organize the pantry and disinfect the sink.

    The living room is the center of attraction.

    • Take off all the cushions from the couch and vacuum the hidden surfaces. Toss out old cushion covers for more funky colors and prints. 
    • Shampooing your rugs or carpets could be the next step. If you don’t want to spend so much time, stick to cleaning spots using a cleaner. 
    • Clean dust and debris from your wooden furniture and give it a nice coat of polish.
    • Don’t forget your television and décor. Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe away all the dust from the TV and your decor, like frames, statues, etc. Clean the screen of your TV with a soft cloth and cleaner. 

    Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

    • Start with shower curtains. Most of the shower curtains can be washed with a gentle cycle. You can also read instructions if in doubt. Either wash your curtain or purchase a brand new one. 
    • The next best thing would be to declutter the vanity and cabinets. Arrange the chaos under the sink by tossing out what doesn’t belong there. Clean the inside and arrange everything by category. Do the same for your medicine cabinet or any other cabinet.

    Last but not least your Bedroom

    • Start with washing your beddings, pillows, sheets, covers, bed skirts, etc. If the size is too big for your laundry machine, take it to the laundromat or dry cleaners.
    • While your room is not assembled, freshen up the mattress by sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit for an hour. After an hour, vacuum it up and flip the mattress. 
    • The most vital step – declutter the closet. Toss out what doesn’t fit you or is out of fashion now. You can bag them and donate them to someone in need. Put matching hangers and arrange your clothes in the category. 

    To Sum Up

    Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a painful task anymore. From the living room to the bedroom, you can clean up your house without any hassle. Just remember the technique, don’t take everything at once and start one by one. We have discussed the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom here, but you can clean your yard, garage, deck, etc., following the same technique. 


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