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Playroom Ideas That Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid

    Do you want to make a cool are for the kids?

    The little guys like to dress up, play with toys, work in the arts, climb, build forts, and everything under the sun. Think about smart storage and a carefully chosen theme to transform your child’s playroom into a fictional and magical place that they will enjoy. Children respond positively to a room designed with bright and cheerful colors. Read further for some fun ideas. 


    The above room has bright colors, easy storage so cleanup is a breeze and tepee that kids will go crazy over. This offers all the elements for a variety of fun activities.

    Consider a wall mural to add to the kid space. In the above picture, they have a desk to work at, a couch to lay around, a fort to hang out in, and a fun boathouse to keep them busy, a mirror, and makeup are for dress-up. This room has all the makings of a great space for the little ones.

    Paint with a bright color or create a chalkboard wall.

    Color is critical when designing a creative play area that kids will love. Paint the wall with their favorite colors, or consider a chalkboard wall, an underwater theme, or a hand-drawn design in your child’s bedroom for an eye-catching accent wall. Neutral colors are also an excellent idea for those looking to style up a modern playroom and are not ready for bold colors. Include some pizazz with a radiant floor covering.

    Install easy to clean flooring

    Opting for floor tiles of soft fiber is a smart idea for play areas. If you’re looking for playroom flooring ideas that won’t break the bank or require much renovation, try carpet tiles or interlocking rubber tiles. Consider something that is easy to wash and care for.

    Adding comfy seating

    No matter what playroom design you go with, seating that’s comfortable and easy to lounge in is essential. Please keep it simple with a few small bean bag chairs and fur rugs, or incorporate various fun pieces like floor cushions, a couch, or large stuffed animals. Keep in mind that kids need some open space so they have room to get creative and play so not to much clutter. We like the climbing wall in the above picture. 

    Suspend an indoor swing

    Looking for fun decor that will allow your kids to stay active even indoors? A swing should be on your bucket list! This incomparable feature is the perfect idea for an attic playroom, and it’s easy to install yourself. All you need is some industrial hooks, rope, and a sturdy board (make sure everything is properly supported)

    Add a cozy fort- kids friendly

    Having a fort that goes beyond blankets and pillows is a fun decor must-have for a playroom. Get artistic with something like an indoor treehouse, pirate ship, or castle. A teepee fort is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for playroom ideas on a budget. 


    According to psychologists, the way your child plays has an enormous effect on his adult personality. Therefore, include your children when developing a playroom concept, and ask him/her what they want. This will make them even more excited to spend time in a space that they help create. When organizing your kid’s playroom keep in mind the following, start by decluttering, create zones like a reading nook or art space, organize the toys using practical solutions like clear storage bins, and make toys and games easy to find and put away.