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Popular House Trends of 2021

    A new year is upon us and, with it, the desire to make positive changes to our lives – or our homes! According to experts, 2021 is all about embracing sustainable décor designs and adding more colors to make the space appealing and inviting.

    Let’s check out the upcoming home décor trends that you will soon be seeing everywhere – or perhaps have already started to!

    1.     A Statement Office Space


    2020 saw the biggest change as businesses were forced to welcome the work-from-home trend due to the ongoing pandemic. Since there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to COVID-19, millions of employees across the world continue to work from home well into 2021 as well. This has sparked up the need for having a dedicated office space, so this year, many people are expected to be seen accommodating a devoted workspace into their homes. This change is necessary to easily separate and divide your time between work hours and family time. Purposeful yet creative office space is going to be huge this year!

    2.     Combining Inside And Out

    According to interior designers, clients request to blur the lines between exterior and interior, meaning they want to decorate or design their homes in a way that brings the outdoors in. One of the modern ways of doing so is installing classy bi-fold sliders that seamlessly connect the outside space with the indoors.

    In 2021, homeowners will be seen incorporating more glass or sliding doors into their interiors for a harmonious blend of the outside and inside world, with clear access to natural light as well as plants and trees. Homeowners aren’t just interested in putting a table and chair in their outdoor space but want to have dedicated areas for lounging, dining, working, and entertaining. Above all else, it should complement the interior to create a perfect space.

    3.     Bold Colors Mixed With Neutrals

    As we said earlier, this year is all about creating a vivid space through the incorporation of colors. In the past, we have seen either bold colors taking the stage or warm tones becoming popular. It had always been an either-or situation. But this year, we have seen a big move in popular home décor and designs.

    Homeowners are picking out a combination of bold color and a neutral tone for their interior design. For instance, bright yellow with dull gray, a mix of deep green and beige, and so on. Earthy toned walls with bold-colored furniture is a lovely way to bring two different shades together and without overpowering one over the other.

    4.     Oversized Tiles

    Give a touch of modernity to your house with large formatted tiles. From a rustic stone-style to a sleek glossy finish, oversized tiles look ravishing in any look. Using oversized tools is also a terrific way to make your small space look big. You can also pick these tiles in a light shade (white, brown, beige, or cream) to give your small room a larger appearance.

    The biggest advantage that big tiles have over tiny ones is that they are easier to clean and maintain. With fewer grout lines, you won’t have to scrub the tiles often.

    5.     Bringing Comfort And Tradition Together

    Previously, we have seen comfort as the biggest focus in home décor and design. But now, it’s not just about comfort alone; how you integrate it into your space has become the priority. Home décor designers suggest investing in relaxing sofas, armchairs, and sectionals. But that’s not all. Look for them in a more traditional design rather than those with a mid-century appeal.

    Conventional furniture usually has knotty wood surfaces and simple decorative carvings, similar to what you may choose for your dining or living room. Make sure the type of furniture you choose goes well with the overall theme of your space.

    6.     Lighter-Toned Wood Furniture

    This year, people will embrace lighter-colored wood furniture, such as Scandinavian blonde or rustic oak. This kind of wood is comforting and uplifting. It all complements all kinds of design, creating a cozy and comfortable space for everyone. Apart from this, keeping the whole space minimal will be on-trend as it further advances in creating a sense of Zen around.

    Remember that light wood reinforces the idea of more space, as light tones build a bigger room’s illusion.

    7.     Grand Millennial Style

    The latest house trend is incorporating vintage-style pieces into your rooms. This includes adding antiques for a more sustainable and affordable style practice, as you won’t have to buy new furniture. You can consider your mother’s or grandmother’s furniture (if they are willing to give it to you), or you can find gorgeous Victorian-styled or neoclassical furniture from a flea market – which will cost you half (or even less!) than modern furniture available today!

    Moreover, opting for grand millennial furniture will give your space an exclusive look. Since it’s so common to have modern furniture these days, vintage design pieces will be a breath of fresh air!


    If you plan to remodel or renovate your house, follow the above trend(s) to ensure your space looks modern and updated. You may have noticed that these trends aren’t too complicated. They are simple and straightforward, and thus, can easily be incorporated into your home. Look for furniture pieces or décor items from certified manufacturers to ensure that you’re buying pieces that you believe in.