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Refreshing Your Home On A Budget

    Home decor is one thing that adds life to a lifeless infrastructure, converting the houses to homes. However, decor can reflect the different traits of people’s personalities and at the same time can influence them too. Hence, revamping up or adding budget-friendly add-ons to your interiors not only increase the style statement but also gives you more reason to call home your comfort space! If you are tired of looking at the same walls over the season and want to revamp them up, then we have you covered!

    Keeping things budget-friendly is very important because before you realize it, a few changes in your upholstery itself can run a hole in your pockets. Since the initial setup itself demands quite an investment, here are few ways to keep your designs evergreen!

    Tips To Keep In Mind While Filling Decor

    Whether you are decorating your brand new living space or refreshing your homes, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you don’t get tired of the designs in the immediate future.

      1. Trends always change. If you are fascinated by a trend taking the internet by storm, remember that you are stuck with a timestamped decor that seems outdated once the trend fades. 
      2. Match the wall color to your upholstery rather than the other way around. Choose the most expensive thing first and then try to match its ambiance for other things.
      3. It should always be ‘comfort over style.’ Often people are so engrossed in keeping things as they should be that they have to weave a new routine around the object rather than the object complimenting their lifestyle.

    So, with three golden rules in mind, here are some budget-friendly additions to your homes to cozy up the spaces and make the walls livelier!

    Ten budget-friendly ideas

    Paint A Wall

    Add a statement to your house by painting a wall. When painting the entire house may go out of budget, changing the demeanor of one wall can significantly increase the style. For example, go with a contrasting shade with respect to other walls, or opt for a wallpaper to make things quirky. 

    Deck The Wall With Artwork

    Fill up the walls with quirky art pieces adding a pop of color to the walls. Be it randomly assorted photographs from the memory lane or artworks that you proudly display, hang them up on the walls and break the monotonous look of the walls. Refresh your living area by painting your old frames in contrasting colors.

    Go The Wallpaper Way

    Wallpapers are a great way to increase the style on a limited budget. With several styles and designs to choose from, these cost-efficient and DIY ideas can find many places to rest. From your walls to kitchen cabinets, use sustainable and cost-efficient ones to bring in evergreen styles.

    Throw In Some Throw Pillows

    Add some dash of color, style, and comfort with these cute throw pillows. Throw pillows can immediately set the rooms to look cozier and hospitable. However, while buying these, remember to match the proportions. Another great way is to mix-n-match the sizes and styles to give a dramatic look.

    Bring A Rug

    Adding a rug to your living room can completely transform the look of the floorings. Redefine the style by bringing in a rug that speaks volumes. However, make sure that your rug is large enough to fit in the furniture and should not look too small against them. A thumb rule says a rug should fit entire small furniture, whereas, for more oversized furniture, the front two legs should be a minimum.

    Plants For Your Rescue

    There is no place that this natural beauty cannot liven up your space. Add style to your rooms by investing in indoor plants. If you are not a plant person or are afraid of them wilting by lack of care, start with small potted succulents. These cute additions will grow on you and surely make you fall in love with them.

    Bring In A Classic Cabinet

    A classic cabinet can do a lot of things. First, they are an excellent way to hide unsightly essential stuff like a remote, invertors, electrical outlets, wires, etc. Second, they bring in a rich look of the wood. If the wooden work does not match your house’s vibe, paint it or use wallpaper to suit your style.   

    Add Mirrors

    A lovely mirror can add an aesthetic value to the old wall. Improve the wall by placing symmetrical mirrors or mirrors in offbeat vintage shapes to bring glamour and style all in one. 

    Window Treatments

    Modifying the style of the windows can add a volume of breath air to your living spaces. The additions improve the aesthetic value of the homes and, at the same time, can help you regulate the light penetrating through them. Switch between drapes and blinds to settle on a style that fascinates you. 

    Let Lights Do The Magic

    Lighting is an instant way to brighten up space without much effort. Search for different types of lighting to improve the ambiance of the area. An addition as small as a lampshade can add significant value to the décor. Choose your picks from fairy lights to bright LED lights to do the work for you.


    Livening up space does not demand significant investment. If you have an eye for art, you can even add a style quotient by refurbishing the old article in your house. Make sure that your space needs to match your vibe so that your homes become your comfort space.