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Safe Ways To Hide A Key Outside

    An extra spare key is just like two sides of a coin. It can pose an obvious security threat, but it also helps access your home if you misplace the primary key. In addition, a spare key can save you from disappointment if you lock yourself out. With some creative ideas like a decorative hide a key place, you can keep your keys secure in hiding spots so that you can easily access your home. 

    However, if you can’t reach it, the extra key won’t help. And putting it in a place that’s too obvious, such as under a plant, entrance mat, is like leaving the door unlocked. So you should keep your spare keys away from the front door of your home or all the familiar places where people tend to hide keys.

    Good Venting Is The Key 

    It is another excellent hiding spot for your extra keys. Glue the magnet to the spare house key with hot glue and insert the key into the dryer hood. No thief can ever think of this as the place for hiding the key. 

    Hide A Key In Plain Sight

    Hiding your keys under the carpet or above the door has become a familiar hidden spot nowadays. So next time you search for a place for hiding a key, try to install a fake plastic LB faucet. Draw a line on the ground to make it look official. Cut the head from the bottom nut and glue it to the place. Turn the cover over, and you will find the key. Yes, this is this simple. 

    Invest In a Bird House

    Birdhouses are an ideal place to hide keys, especially for nature lovers. The birdhouse hidden in the trees is a great place to hide your spare keys. But be careful and not let the magpie fly away with it! It’s not easy for criminals to find the key because it isn’t easily accessible. All you need is a small plastic container to hold the key.

    Hide A Key In The Keypad

    One solution is to attach a wireless keypad to the garage door. This works until one day you lose power. Then, the key fits just behind the keypad’s 9-volt battery and comes as a savior. It just takes hours instead of days for younger children to lose their home keys. 

    Fake Drain Cap 

    All you need for this hack is a re-sealable container and a drain cap. Fake drain caps are an easy and homemade way to hide spare keys. First, put the spare key in a re-sealable plastic container and screw it in the drain cap. After fixing it in place, fill the container with a visible drain cap on the gravel. 

    Rock Spare Key Holder

    This distraction rock vault becomes very useful if you lose or forget your key and get trapped outside your home, and it works well in an emergency. In addition, this key hiding rock blends unobtrusively into your landscaping and is weather resistant.

    Stow A Key In The Yard

    If you are using an irrigation system, install a fake pop-up sprinkler head near the front door to hide a key in it. You can disassemble the extra sprinkler head or buy a fake sprinkler head that holds the key. 

    Fake Dog Droppings

    The dog droppings pile is the last place to think about finding the key to your house. These can be brought as the finished dog droppings online or made at home by following simple steps.

    Get hot glue, make a big pile and let it dry. After drying, cover the adhesive with brown paint. Next, attach the plastic bottle with the key to the colored glue. Finally, hide the dung underground. No one can ever think about this place for storing a key, making it one of the safest. 

    Nail The Key To The Tree

    It probably sounds strange to nail a spare key to a tree. Most people won’t think about looking for a key in the trees. But if you live in a house with lots of trees, this trick can prove to be very beneficial. Choose a tree far from home, drive a nail into it on the side away from home, and lock the key in the nail. Use this method to keep your spare key in your trustworthy neighbor’s house for added security. Try hiding the keys across the street or a few blocks away to take it one step further. But always remember the location where you hid your key. 


    Hiding an extra key is trickier than people think. When hiding a key, avoid anything too obvious. Also, if you use them frequently, do not store them in the same place. Switch between hiding places whenever you are using it. Wait for the sunset to replace the key. 

    Also, consider using a separate lock for one access to your home. If you lose your key often, consider upgrading to a deadbolt with a numeric keypad or a smart lock that you can unlock on your smartphone. This eliminates the need to replace the key making everything simple.