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Small Appliances Your Kitchen Is Missing

    When you move into a new house, usually, the first thing in the kitchen is all your major appliances. Naturally, the stove, fridge, and microwave are a priority to ensure you have everything you need to cook food and store groceries.

    However, there are a lot of other tools that many people overlook when setting up their kitchen. These are things like stand mixers or slow cookers that can make cooking meals that much simpler. So to help make your life a little easier, here are a few small appliances that your kitchen probably needs to include.

    How The Right Appliances Can Simplify Your Kitchen


    The kitchen is the heart of any home. Choosing the right appliances can make life much simpler and a little easier. The modern variety of kitchen appliances spans from small and simple tools like hand blenders or stand mixers to oversized items such as refrigerators or ovens. Knowing which ones you need will depend mainly on your lifestyle – how much cooking you do and where you store food. In addition, investing in energy-efficient models saves money in the long run and keeps the environment healthy.

    And if you still need convincing that appliances can simplify your life, consider the number of different kitchen tasks they can help with. For example, a slow or pressure cooker allows you to cook longer recipes without monitoring them for hours, while an air fryer makes light and delicious fried foods possible. Even something as simple as a hand blender is a great way to quickly and easily whip up sauces, dips, or smoothies. So if you’re ready to simplify your kitchen life with the right appliances, there are plenty of options for you!

    Small Appliances Your Kitchen Is Missing

    Rather than focusing on the major appliances in your kitchen, consider some of the smaller tools and appliances that can make cooking easier. The following list is full of valuable items many overlook when setting up their kitchen for the first time.

    Air Fryer


    An air fryer is easily one of the most useful kitchen gadgets you can purchase. It allows you to make healthy, delicious meals in minutes without the hassle and mess associated with other cooking techniques. Air fryers use rapid hot air circulation to cook foods evenly and quickly – up to three times faster than a conventional oven – while staying tender on the inside. Food stays crispier and healthier because there is little to no oil, so it’s suitable for those watching their fat intake or calorie consumption.

    With an air fryer, you can whip up tasty appetizers, main dishes, and desserts with minimal effort. And because most of today’s air-fried recipes are easy to follow, you don’t even need prior culinary experience! With all the great features packed in an air fryer, it’s no wonder more people are investing in one for their home kitchen.

    Toaster Oven


    A toaster oven is an all-around kitchen savior. It’s a great appliance to have around if you’re looking for something more than what an ordinary toaster can offer or if you need a break from using your conventional oven. A toaster oven uses far less energy than a regular oven and still produces delicious results – perfect when you only want to cook small batches of food.

    Its versatility makes it indispensable, as it not only “toasts” items but also bakes, broils, and grills them. All this in an affordable, space-saving package that can fit any kitchen. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, consider all the other perks it offers – easy cleanup, fast cooking times, and, of course, its ability to transform frozen foods into crispy golden perfection!

    Food Processor


    A food processor is another small appliance that can be a lifesaver in the kitchen, saving time preparing meals and providing multiple functions in one space-saving tool. Whether you are a chef, an aspiring cook, or simply looking to make dinner more quickly – food processors offer a range of benefits. You can dice, slice and shred fruits and vegetables quickly, grind meat, or blend cookies faster than ever.

    Not only will it speed up your cooking times, but it can also save you from needing multiple appliances for all the jobs a food processor can do for you. With its wide range of uses, investing in a food processor is worth considering when making dinner time easier – and delicious!

    Rice Cooker


    Are you tired of soggy, undercooked, or overcooked rice? A rice cooker is the kitchen appliance to end all your frustrations and cooking woes. Not only does a rice cooker produce perfect fluffy, delicious rice every time, but it can also come in handy for many other one-pot dishes.

    With an efficient timer function, a keep-warm setting to ensure your cooked meal remains warm throughout dinner time, and different settings for white or brown rice, investing in a quality rice cooker is worth every penny. So don’t throw your rice in the microwave and hope for the best – invest in a rice cooker that will cook for you.

    Stand Mixer


    When baking and making desserts, having the right appliance can make all the difference. A stand mixer is one of the most important appliances for any aspiring baker. This kitchen workhorse offers convenience, agility, and ease of use compared to other baking methods. Stand mixers can quickly whisk, whip, beat and knead doughs and batters with speed, precision, and quiet operation—allowing you to prepare compounds that would be impossible or tedious to accomplish by hand.

    They come with attachments for additional versatility, helping you make pasta doughs, whip egg whites for meringue or churn ice cream for homemade treats. Not only that, but stand mixers are durable and designed to last for years if properly cared for — giving them excellent long-term value! So whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur enthusiast in the kitchen, owning a stand mixer should be part of your culinary arsenal.

    Pressure Cooker

    A pressure cooker can also be a great addition to any home kitchen. The appliance dramatically reduces cooking times, which means you can get more tasty and healthy meals for your family in less time. Pressure cookers also use less energy compared to other traditional forms of cooking, meaning it helps you to save money while doing your part for the environment. In addition, many accessories come with modern pressure cookers, making them much more versatile than just a one-trick-pony cooking device.

    With a pressure cooker, you can make everything from soups and stews to smoothies and jams – all at the touch of a few buttons! So, a pressure cooker is definitely worth considering for busy cooks who still want homemade meals without all the fuss!

    Slower Cooker


    The final appliance on this list is a classic! A slow cooker is invaluable for busy households who still want to enjoy delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. You can prepare dinner in advance, meaning no last-minute rush to get everything ready, and slow-cooked food also retains its nutritional value because the temperature remains low.

    Additionally, a slow cooker often requires little more than an assembly of ingredients and setting the timer – freeing up much-needed time for family members or hobbies. And with the right slow cooker, you can also use it to make healthy veggie-based soups and stews, casseroles, or even desserts. So instead of relying on takeout or fast food, consider investing in a slow cooker that can help you whip up easy and healthy meals for your family!

    Start Adding The Small Appliances Your Kitchen Is Missing!

    Whether you’re looking to streamline your cooking process, save time and money, or make healthy and delicious meals for your family, plenty of small appliances can help. From rice cookers and stand mixers to pressure cookers and air fryers, investing in one of these handy kitchen gadgets is a surefire way to improve the quality and efficiency of your cooking. So consider adding some of these small appliances to your kitchen today and start enjoying all their benefits! Who knows, it might be the best small investment you ever make!