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Smart Electric Blankets

    An electric blanket has integrated electrical heating wires to help keep you warm and comfy. There are many types of blankets, including under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. You can place the electric blanket above the mattress or below the bottom bed sheet. These blankets feature an auto shut-off function that automatically turns off your blanket after a set amount of time to save on power. Such blankets come with heat settings. If the blankets are large enough to use in bed, they generally have ten hours before they shut off. Also, for king and queen size beds, these size blankets can have two controllers for controlling the heat levels to allow individual temperature settings.

    Electric blankets are safe to use, but some models can potentially overheat. Electric blankets give you comfort, warmth, and long-term, consistent performance, giving you better than average sleep quality. Most people are satisfied with the heated mattress pad, which traps heat better and keeps you warm and cozy for a more extended period. Many high-quality blankets have better cushioning and less noticeable wires. 

    This blanket will be your defense against winter’s chill. The sunbeam electric blanket perfectly fits the queen-size bed and can provide warmth and comfort throughout the night. The best feature of an electric blanket is preheating; preheat your blanket 30 minutes before getting into the bed; by pressing the preheat button, your sheets would be warm and toasty. You don’t have to slide and sleep on the cold mattress when your electric blanket is plugged in. Electric blankets are soft, lightweight, which means you will not feel suffocated by heat, and breathable materials are used to design these blankets. The heat controller you get with this blanket is round with a digital display and a backlit screen. The light makes it easy to see at night if you want to change the temperature. There are different types of controllers that come with different kinds of electric blankets based on their brands.

    The size and shape of the controller will differ with different sizes of the blankets and even colors. The electric blankets are available in different sizes like twin blankets, full queen, king sizes, and offered in various colors like garnet, mushroom, slate, and walnut colors. The only negative impact might be that you cannot put another blanket on top of your electric blanket because of specific safety issues. The material is 100% polyester, which means it won’t burst into flames. The plug has to remain at the hem of the blanket rather than inside or underneath the blanket.


    There are various specifications and benefits of having an electric blanket-

      •       Length of the Cord
      •       Backlit Controllers
      •       Number of Heat Settings
      •       Auto Heat Adjustment
      •       Preheat Feature

    Microplush Material

    The micro plush material is normally made up of 100% polyester, so it is safer than a cotton blanket with heat. Because polyester won’t burst in flames, its materials are quite soft, as if the material has been brushed to a silky softness; the wires can be felt through the fabric but are not bulky or too obtrusive.


    The cord that plugs into a wall outlet is 10 feet long, so you should be able to plug in every corner of your bedroom.

    The Plug

    Most heated blankets like a sunbeam, imperial plush, or even loft, including a spot where you can plug in the cord at the foot of the veil, which will keep it out of the way. Who wants plugging near his/her face? The plug is situated underneath a few inches up from the hem.

    Backlit Controllers

    If you buy a twin-sized or full-sized blanket, you will get only one controller. You can get a figure 8 controller, digital controller, block type, or even round. It is easy to see what level you have set the temperature at, even in the dark.

    Heat Setting

    With an electric blanket, you are getting ten heat settings. You can put it on ‘L,’ which is the lowest, and it goes all the way up to ‘H.’ the moderate setting is four as it will provide you with enough warmth.

    Auto Heat Adjustment 

    Electric blankets are inbuilt with a thermostat because they automatically adjust the heat accordingly. Despite the setting you choose, the blanket will sense how cold or warm it is, and it will adapt itself accordingly; this feature is helpful as it is awful to be in a cold blanket.

    Preheat Feature

    It is one of the most fantastic parts of this heated blanket. It heats the blanket as per the timings you have set, and this preheat feature alone is worth it. These blankets come with a buttoned push control labeled as “preheat’. You can switch it on 30 minutes before, so when you retire for the night, you will have a good, cozy warm blanket to roll into. Once the preheating is done, the blanket will set it on the default setting you have set it at. For example, if you have set the grounds at 3, then after the pre hat for 30 minutes, it will turn back to its default settings, which is 3.

    Fall Asleep

    A regular blanket won’t keep you warm and can make you uncomfortable in a cold bedroom, and you will stay awake the whole night, but if you use an electric heated blanket, it will save your night, and you will be able to fall asleep quickly. Having a good sleep is excellent for your health. Lying in bed, you can enjoy so many relaxing scenes outside the window. 

    Having a perfect sleep is essential for your body, and if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you could suffer from various sleeping disorders that can be very harmful in your life ahead. One of the most common sleep disorders is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder caused by desynchronization between internal sleep and wake rhythms. Patients having this type of disorder have insomnia, sleepiness, and excessive daytime. And its treatment depends on the cause.


    It is freezing outside, so you need not worry about covering yourself with the icy blankets and surviving on those frosty winter nights. With these electric heated blankets, you can look forward to climbing into the bed and enjoying movies with snacks and your kids. The electric blanket lets you enjoy the personal warmth without having to crank your heater in each winter. You can stay cozy and warm and not worry about a hefty electric bill every month during winters. 

    The material of this blanket is super soft and thin, but still, it keeps you warm. Moreover, it Is a very affordable blanket with so many features and benefits, in sizes, colors, etc. we hope you have a wonderful time using an electric blanket.