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Smart Home Products That Are Actually Useful

    Doesn’t it sound great if most household devices could connect to the internet and communicate, take commands, and be useful in daily life?  

    We are now a world where the internet is a huge factor for our rapid progress. This progress has not failed to touch our household too. Nowadays we can start with the alarm from internet-based clocks to adjust the room temperature before going to sleep to adjusting the window blinds, with just simple voice commands or pressing of a few buttons. 

    So now, apart from computers and smartphones, everything including lights, doorbells, temperature, water heaters, cameras, and other appliances all follow your whim and work over the internet. It is a smart home technology and also known as home automation. These intelligent gadgets will surely give you a less complicated life with a greater security level and fun added to your life. 

    Upgrade your home to a greater tech level for a sorted, relaxed, and straightforward lifestyle. Getting these latest things can cost you a fortune, but it will eventually uplift and improve your life. Here are a few of the smart home products that are useful in our day-to-day life –

    Smart Temperature Control 

    Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control  This is the company’s fifth-generation model and has more features to offer than its predecessor. Some of them are Alexa enhanced and multimedia support, powerful audio parts, and dual-band wifi. After going through some installation processes, you will indeed have the best thermostats you can buy. 

    GE Energy Star 115  Volt electronic room air-conditioner – this can be controlled with your phone or voice and offers assistance for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands and fits well with other smart home devices. It is an 8000 BTU wifi-enabled window unit. It also offers facilities to locate your phone’s location to cool down the room temperature before your arrival. It also provides flexible schedule options and energy usage stats.  

    Smart Home Security and Doorbells 

    RemoBell S  This slim device can give on-demand HD video, free cloud recording, support for Alexa and Google Voice commands. It happens to use your existing doorbell wiring, is easy to install, offers sharp video, and is affordable. 

    Vivint Smart Home  Vivint gives you full-time monitoring around your house with a fast response along with many optional home automation services. It can be controlled from your smartphone, pc, or a touch screen panel. It is not affordable, but once it is chosen, it gives complete protection to your house. Vivint technicians also come to your home for all the installation purposes and give you a clear and better understanding of the system. 

    Robot Vacuums and Mops 

    iRobot Roomba s9+  The Roomba s9+ is like i7+ but has higher efficiency and can reach more difficult areas and has four times more suction power. It has a good number of sensors, and all its navigation is camera-based. With time, it learns the layout of the house. It is the most costly robot that vacuums. It also can empty its dustbin, and this aspect makes it the most special. 

    iRobot Braava Jet m6  Robot vacuums are particularly useful when the floor is covered with carpets and rugs. But robot mops are helpful when you have more beds and tiles to clean. It has a long battery life and is capable of covering about 1000 square feet for a session. It is used for apartments and larger houses. It has the capability of sweeping, too, and this makes it unique. It navigates by detecting carpets and mapping out the place. 

    Ecovacs Deebot Osmo T8 Aivi  This is capable of performing vacuuming and mopping, with artificial intelligence and visual interpretation ( AIVI ) technology, and that allows it to identify and avoid obstacles automatically. It also has useful features and good video quality that will enable you to look at your house from wherever you are. You can always start and stop cleaning at any time you want, just with your voice. It’s expensive but once put into use; you will not have any complaints.

    Smart Illumination 

    Yeelight Smart LED Bulb  Many smart light bulbs offer a variety of facilities, but this one seems to have it all. It provides as much as 16 million colors, and its intensity can also be regulated. It connects wirelessly to the network, without requiring any hub or bridge. It is relatively affordable and supports Apple home kit, Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands. You can also change lighting effects and create lighting schedules from a user-friendly app that it offers. 

    Wyze Bulb  It is a tunable white LED, which happens to be the most affordable bulb. The features it offers include inbuilt wifi, support for voice commands, adjusts white light temperatures, and many more. 

    Smart Speakers and Displays 

    Amazon Echo Family  This is a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by Alexa. Alexa works well with other smart home devices. After setting up, Alexa can be made to control most of the devices present in the home. The echo can also be made to ask different things like time or other search results and make calls. 

    Google Nest Hub Family  If you have a Google assistant, you might like to invest in Google’s nest hub line and smart displays. The big Google home max gives good sound while the Google nest hub max offers a good show and puts Google services in the front. 

    Sonos One  If you are confused between Amazon and Alexa and Google Assistant, here is good news. Sonos One supports the two voice assistants, and the quality of its sound is also better than other smart speakers of the same price. It can also connect with other Sonos speakers and gives incredible sound.

    Smart Plugs 

    ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2  If you are looking forward to adding some technology and upgrading your plugs to help you with small appliances like coffee makers or lamps, the smart plug is here to help you. The ConnectSense smart outlet 2 has a dual outlet controlled by any android or iOS mobile app. It supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri’s voice commands. It can work with other smart home devices, but it lacks IFTTT support. It also shows power consumption from both its points. 

    D-link My Link Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug ( DSP-W320 )  It becomes relatively easy to control outdoor devices when using this smart plug. It is usually used to control lightings used for decorations and pool pumps. This smart plug can be controlled by phone and an app. It has two outlets and a USB charging port and is waterproof. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands and works harmoniously with other smart home devices with IFTTT applets. 

    Smart Kitchen Appliances 

    Brava Oven  The connected countertop ovens are becoming more common in our daily lives. These smart appliances can bake, broil, reheat, among other forms of preparation. one of the most costly models is the Brava oven. But its latest technology and services make up for the cost. It also has an inbuilt camera to monitor the food that is being prepared. It also excels in cooking food in 10 different manners and has automatic cooking presets for both ingredients and meals. 

    Anova Precision Cooker Wifi  It might seem not very easy at the start. Still, it is an easy process that helps you to prepare perfect meals, without you having to worry about anything. The strategy here includes sealing the food in plastic and immersing it into the water bath heated to a specific temperature. There are onboard controls and wifi connectivity that allows you to control the cooking process just from your phone.

    Smart Health and Fitness Devices

    Starting from massage chairs and strength training machines to beds having 3D sensors and artificial intelligence technology, there is a variety of health and wellness gadgets to help you, such as the following

    Tempo Studio

    The Tempo Studio is a smart strength training machine that uses 3D sensors and artificial intelligence systems to suggest and help you with the required weight you should be lifting for each turn. It also counts the number of repetitions and offers real-time feedback about your shape, with no sugar coating, to keep you well-informed about your health. It comes with a larger screen and gives form-corrections, live classes, and on-demand workouts from knowledgeable trainers. 

    Wyze Scale

    The Wyze scale must be a perfect fit if you are trying to put on some muscles or lose some weight as it helps you maintain your work progress and stay motivated. The Wyze scale requires a connection to your smartphone and can measure as much as 12 metrics, including BMI, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, protein level, weight up to 400 pounds, and much more. 

    Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

    Nowadays, there are many ways that a mattress can track your sleep and give you the track records of sleep trends and health metrics. It has inbuilt biometrics that can help you sleep better and have more knowledge about your sleep quality. 


    Our house’s upgrade might be a critical factor, as most of us love to spend time at our home. Many things need our attention, and smart homes can help us. They can declutter our lives by allowing us a little more time, starting from cleaning and mopping our houses by taking voice commands to regulate your room temperature before we get back to our home. Therefore, all these smart devices can cost us a fortune, but it will surely make our homes safer with lots of time for us to spend some quality time.