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Daily Quotes

I also meet with city officials, representatives from governors' offices, really anyone in that sort of position who has shown an interest in youth fitness, to let them know why this sort of program is so important. I give the same message when I speak at conferences.
~ Rafer Johnson

I'm more of a strumming guitarist, instead of a lead soloist guitarist.
~ Stark Sands

The stories we can tell are those that happen to us; we meet, work, live, laugh, love, demonstrate, strive in community.
~ Mimi Kennedy

As soon as I starting making YouTube videos, I received so much positive feedback from the online community and a demand for more content. As time went on, my filming schedule became more consistent, and it made sense to hire some help and upgrade my equipment.
~ Rosanna Pansino

The reason that 'Stalingrad' took off was because it emphasized the influence of history on the individual.
~ Antony Beevor

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