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Things In Your Home You Didn’t Realize You Should Be Cleaning

    In the midst of daily chores and routine home cleaning, there are corners, nooks, and objects in our living spaces that are often overlooked. A truly pristine home isn’t just about the visibly clean areas; it’s about delving deeper, ensuring those less-thought-about spots are also given their due attention. Recognizing and addressing these often-neglected areas can improve the aesthetics of one’s home and greatly enhance the overall health and well-being of its occupants.

    The Unassuming Kitchen


    1. Coffee Maker

    The humble coffee maker, a beacon of hope every morning, tends to be a haven for mineral build-up and lingering old coffee residues. The impact on the flavor often goes unnoticed as these deposits slowly accumulate over time. The machine’s longevity and the coffee’s taste must ensure a monthly deep clean using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

    2. Knife Block 

    A cornerstone in many kitchens, the knife block may be hiding crumbs, dust, and other unwelcome guests deep within its slots. This makes it a subtle germ repository. To maintain the hygiene of the knives we use daily, it’s advisable to turn the block upside down and give it a good shake periodically. Using a slender vacuum attachment or compressed air can work wonders for a deeper clean.

    Living Spaces and Common Areas


    1. Light Switches and Doorknobs 

    Doorknobs and light switches, although small and inconspicuous, are high-contact surfaces that gather a surprising amount of germs and grime. Given the frequency with which they are touched, it is startling how often they’re bypassed during regular cleaning. Regularly wiping them down weekly with an appropriate disinfectant can dramatically decrease the spread of germs within the household.

    2. Remote Controls 

    In many households, the remote control travels through multiple hands, often resting on the floor, tucked between couch cushions, or occasionally meeting with food spills. Over time, it becomes a reservoir for germs. It’s crucial to remember to give remote controls a gentle wipe down using alcohol wipes or a cloth slightly dampened with a cleaning solution, ensuring no moisture seeps into the device.

    Personal Haven – The Bedroom


    1. Decorative Pillows and Throws 

    Decorative pillows and throws, while adding a cozy touch to bedrooms, are a magnet for dust mites and potential allergens. Even though they might not be used as frequently as bed pillows, they are still exposed to the same environment. Vacuuming these accessories or sunbathing can help keep them fresh and reduce the accumulation of unwanted particles.

    2. Under the Bed 

    The space under the bed, often used for storage or simply ignored, can amass a significant amount of dust and, in more humid environments, even mold. Cleaning this area isn’t just about ensuring a clean environment and safeguarding the health of those sleeping above. Quarterly checks, decluttering, and cleaning can ensure a healthier bedroom ambiance.

    The Bathroom Beyond the Toilet


    1. Shower Curtain and Liner 

    Though they serve as barriers against water, shower curtains, and liners, over time, become susceptible to mold and mildew due to constant exposure to moisture. Many individuals make the mistake of waiting until visible mold spots appear before considering a clean or replacement. However, monthly cleaning or placing liners in the washing machine can prolong their life and maintain a healthier bathroom environment.

    2. Toothbrush Holder 

    As ironic as it sounds, an item that holds a tool meant for cleaning can often be one of the grimiest objects in the bathroom. Water residue, toothpaste, and general usage make the toothbrush holder a hotspot for germ build-up. Cleaning it out weekly and ensuring it dries properly can keep those unwanted germs at bay.

    Home Office and Study Spaces


    1. Computer Keyboards 

    Despite being one of the most frequently touched items in the study or office space, computer keyboards often get neglected in the cleaning process. Crumbs, dust, and bacteria find their way between the keys, making it a breeding ground for germs. Regularly turning the keyboard upside down for a gentle shake and cleaning with compressed air or appropriate wipes can maintain a more sanitary work environment.

    2. Desk Drawers 

    The go-to spots for stashing away papers, stationery, and sometimes even snacks can become a chaotic mix of old and forgotten items. This clutter impacts productivity and can attract pests if food items are left forgotten. Seasonal declutter and a clean can keep one’s workspace organized and hygienic.

    Laundry Room Lapses


    1. Washing Machine Drawer and Seals 

    While washing machines are tools for cleaning, they, too, require regular maintenance. The drawer, often filled with detergents and softeners, can have soap and residue build up. Similarly, the seals can trap moisture, leading to mildew. A monthly clean using an old or appropriate toothbrush can prevent unpleasant odors and ensure clothes come out clean.

    2. Behind the Dryer 

    Lint, known for its fire hazards, can accumulate in the lint trap and behind the dryer. Left unchecked, it can become a significant risk. Ensuring a regular check and vacuum behind the dryer can prolong the appliance’s life and ensure a safer home environment.

    Miscellaneous Overlooked Areas


    1. Air Vents

    Crucial for maintaining airflow in the home, it can become clogged with dust and allergens over time. This hampers their efficiency and can circulate unclean air throughout the house. Using a vacuum or specialized brush, a seasonal check, and clean can enhance air quality and the efficiency of heating or cooling systems.

    2. Houseplants 

    While houseplants are fantastic for improving air quality and aesthetics, their leaves can gather a significant amount of dust. This layer can hinder photosynthesis, affecting the plant’s health. Gently wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or giving them a light shower can rejuvenate the plants and ensure they thrive.

    The Bottom Line

    Maintaining a clean home extends beyond the visible surfaces and commonly cleaned areas. By addressing the often-neglected corners and objects highlighted in this guide, homeowners can enjoy a cleaner and healthier living space. Regularly revisiting these areas and adding them to a cleaning checklist ensures that every nook and cranny of a home is well-maintained and free from unwanted germs and dust.