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Things To Consider Before Buying A New Home

    Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Many people think it’s easy to know when they’re ready to buy. However, many factors go into making this decision. There are practical things like how much you can afford and what your plans for the future are; emotional considerations like how excited you feel about moving; and logistical matters. The key thing to remember is that before signing on the dotted line, there should always be some thought about whether or not now really is the right time for you.

    How Much Can You Afford?

    No matter how much you want to, you can’t afford to go over budget when buying a new home. So it’s essential to know your limits before shopping for homes or making an offer. Look at your income and expenses in the current year, not the previous 12 months; lenders base their calculations on your ability to make payments today, not based on past performance. If possible, try living off just 80 percent of your take-home pay for several months so that you’ll have a better idea of how much house you can comfortably afford without having to cut back too much elsewhere.

    This will give you an idea of how much you can spend on a monthly mortgage payment, but it doesn’t mean that that’s the amount you should pay. You’ll also need to cover closing costs at the time of purchase, which typically runs between three and six percent of your home’s price. And when buying new construction, factor in the builder’s profit so you have some cushion room for all those extras you probably didn’t think about in advance.

    Where Do You Want To Live?

    Although it might seem obvious, many people don’t consider this until after they’ve bought their first home. So even if you think you’ve found your dream home, it’s essential to do some research to make sure the place where you want to live suits your needs and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of spending several days house-hunting with a real estate agent. Don’t rule out properties outside your preferred location or price range until you see them with your own eyes. You may find that even though a house is not in an upscale neighborhood, it has all the characteristics that satisfy your wants and needs.

    That’s when a good real estate agent can help. It’s important not to get hung up on buying in an exclusive neighborhood because of what your friends and relatives might think of you living somewhere different than they do. Also, keep in mind that your perfect neighborhood may not be the right place for you to buy a condo or townhouse. You might have trouble selling that home down the road if you decide you want to live someplace bigger. If you think this could happen, it makes even more sense to look at more prominent homes in places where prices are likely to appreciate over time.

    How Excited Are You About The New Place?

    You’ve found your dream home. You love the area, the floor plan fits your lifestyle perfectly, and you know this is where you want to settle down. But wait, are you ready to buy this property? The truth is that while emotions shouldn’t play any part in the actual purchase negotiations themselves, they should guide essential decisions like whether or not now is the right time to buy. Even if all the details of the deal fall into place at just the right moment, if buying a new house makes you nervous or depressed rather than happy and excited about moving day, it may not be worth it after all.

    Look back on everything involved in selling your current home and buying another one, the repairs or renovations that will occur before you can move in, and whether or not you’ll be ready for all this work while juggling other life changes. If the answer is no, it might be better to wait until you feel prepared to make this significant financial commitment.

    Signs That You’re Not Ready To Buy

    Although there are no official age requirements when purchasing your first home, some people just aren’t ready for all the responsibilities associated with homeownership. Several signs indicate whether or not you’ve reached an emotional maturity level where it makes sense for you to buy a house.  Do most of your friends own homes? Do you realize that homeownership means more than just decorating your dream home? Can you afford monthly mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes, not to mention home repairs on top of your everyday living expenses?

    Do you understand the full scope of what is involved in owning a new house? If buying a new home seems too stressful or unappealing because of all it entails, try renting for a bit longer. Then, when you are ready to take the plunge, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


    Before you decide to buy a new home, you need to make sure you are ready for all homeownership challenges. A real estate agent can help show you what you need to know about the process and your emotions when making such an important decision. If the idea of buying a new house gives you stress rather than joy, it’s possible that now isn’t quite the right time for such a significant commitment. When you feel emotionally ready, consider looking at homes in earnest with a realtor by your side who will hold up wisdom and experience against pure feelings so that your choice is one based on objectivity rather than emotion alone.