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Things to Look for in Outdoor Furniture


    Summer is just about here, which means you’re preparing your outdoor area to have pool parties and barbecues with the family. All that’s missing is a perfect set of patio furniture. There are so many options out there: so what should you be looking for?

    Before picking any furniture for your outdoor space, you need to consider a few things. For starters, be aware of the size of your outdoor area. You probably won’t buy a large sectional for an apartment patio. Also, consider how many people you want to fit comfortably, what kind of weather you typically get in your area, and how dirty the set might get from pets or kids kicking up mud.

    Durable Material


    Panorama of a dark terrace with black and white furniture, plants and outdoor grill

    Materials such as resin wicker hold up well against the elements, and particularly the heat and humidity. Aluminum holds up well against the rain compared to other metals. Wood can also provide protection against the elements when sealed properly, and it’s easy to customize while giving a homey-feel to your patio.



    Easy to Clean

    While many materials can be cleaned by being sprayed with a hose or a quick wipe down, cushions are a bit different. If you can find a comfortable set of patio furniture without cushions, that’s great, but look for sets that don’t need cushions for the easiest cleaning job.


    Your outdoor area can be a shady reading spot during the day or a party hub for your summer weekend nights. Consider a table that can serve as your morning coffee table to your nighttime cooler and high-top. Or look at this multi-functional storage bench that provides you with seating and a place to store those sofa cushions or pool noodles.


    Consider the Shade

    If you don’t have an outdoor space with a roof or plenty of tree coverage, there are several excellent options for umbrellas to block out the strong summer sun. Maybe you want something that covers your entire family or something that provides some extra light once the sun goes down. Keep your loved ones cool with plenty of excellent options.

    Complement the Space

    It’s important to know what the focal point of your yard is. If you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen, you may just want a sturdy outdoor dining table to complete the space. Perhaps you have an eye-popping fire pit: then maybe a set of sofas or chairs is what you need. Pools may require just a collection of comfortable lounge chairs. Focus on buying the right pieces for your space instead of trying to force your favorite items into a space that doesn’t match them.


    Cover Your Patio Furniture


    After purchasing your patio furniture, consider where you can store it or how you can cover it in the harsh winter months. If you live in a warmer climate, consider how you can protect it during poor weather. While some materials can be rather durable, as mentioned above, it is still a smart idea to protect your furniture, whether it be from animals and insects or foul weather that can cause cushions to fly away or rust to build up.

    Your outdoor space can be a place of relaxation, jubilation, or solitude. There is a wide variety of options available, so consider your space and see your vision. Then turn that patio, yard, or porch, into your perfect outdoor oasis.