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Top 10 Back Yard Games of 2020

    These days we are all spending more time at home and now that you have all the projects done maybe its time to think of some fun and games. In this article we will list the top 10 back yard games and maybe you can find a new backyard game to play with your family. Many of these you can build yourself if you are the handy type. Each picture is a clickable amazon link for your convenience.

    #1 Corn Hole

    These boards are easy to build and and a family favorite. I built my own but bought some of the bags listed below and they are great.

    #2 Washers

    Hard to find a good set on line but do a search on build instructions and you will find several. This game is always a hit with everyone. We usually have a competition with teams of two so 4 people can play.

    #3 Bocce Ball

    It’s like giant yard marbles and you can play it anywhere. Some create Bocce Ball Courts which are 91 feet by 13 feet, but my family has always enjoyed using the whole yard. Good for all ages and lots of fun!

    #4 Spike Ball

    This is the starter set, the regular set has a smaller net and ball. It involves some jumping and diving so better with the younger generation. Regardless its a hit and can easily be played in the yard.

    #5 Bottle Bash

    It’s hard not to list this as number one as it’s a personal favorite. It’s best to play with a drink in one hand. Very fun for the whole family. You need to be able to throw a Frisbee short distances and of course catch one to.

    #6 Ladder Toss

    This also is a game you can build without to much trouble but the one listed here is very nice and you don’t need to do any work just order, put it together and in no time you are playing the game.

    #7 Croquet

    It’s old school for sure but still a hit and always fun. You can find many options at most stores or online.

    #8 Lawn Bowling

    Designed for kids but you would be amazed at how often the grownups take over and have a good time. They are inflatable so make sure your not playing around any sticker bushes.

    #9 Giant Toppling Tower

    You can make your own but avoid using heavy wood. The one below is made of lighter wood and comes with its own case so you can’t go wrong with choosing it.

    #10 Yardzee

    You know it’s like the game you play at the kitchen table but this one comes with a large bucket and big dice. Now you can play outside!