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Top 10 Most Unique Ideas for Exterior Design

    When inspiration strikes, be an opportunist. The exterior of your home greets your visitors before you do and is a little introduction from you to the world. Certainly, then, unique designs are essential to making a statement. For ten such exterior designs for your house that are unique and impressive, read the list below! 

    Welcoming Walkway 

    The aura of a welcoming place makes a lot of difference for those living there, and with a front lawn sprawling with lushness and a wraparound porch, you get that. The addition of a winding walkway will create the perfect ambiance for this unique design, and adding-subtracting various interests and materials can decide the architecture. For example, a home with this design would look stunning with a mix of features like different roofing materials. 

    Warm white brick

    A blend of rustic and modern spells achievement for this look. Think slurried brick and windows with black frame casement. It’s clean modernity with earthly rustic features like pebbles on concrete, a front lawn, elegance of the rustic colors balancing well with black. With a neat entry and carefully crafted elegant spaciousness with the perfect lantern lights and modern furniture, the house will indeed be a stunning sight. 

    Black and wood

    Imagine the splendid view of a cabin retreat taking its space and owning it in a green lushness. With a rich landscape emphasizing the neatness of the modern cabin -think black window trim, warm colors, wood siding, metal roof – you’ll be marveling at a bold balance of urban and earthy. The contrast in color will add to the appeal, and this unique design will surely leave any passers-by gaping. With the air of spaciousness and carefully picked lighting as furniture, the house will let you make a statement indeed.  

    Contemporary Black exterior

    Unique ideas and the color black go hand in hand. There is such an unexplored potential here! The perk of having a black exterior is the effect of appearing large even when you have a small, unremarkable house. One coat of matte black can add to your house an interesting charm. With such unique architectural planning, your home will radiate youthfulness. Maybe add a coat of charcoal paint, and your home will have a very distinct look. 

    Storybook touch

    For the imaginative individual, a house with the whimsical tones of a storybook is a true treasure. This idea also makes for a beautiful and unique exterior, with additions like distressed brick and a roofline that reminds you of childhood stories. With divided-light windows, this home will give you the magical vibe of fairytales. With innocent additions like rustic window shutters, you’ll have a very old-world home, a paradise for anyone who is fascinated by the sea of stories. 

    Sophisticated Entry 

    The effect of a sophisticated entry is no small deal. Modern farmhouses with their elegant architectural elements are always a sight to behold – with the gabled roofline and efficient, neat detailing, the design will enhance the finesse of your home. Think of bold and contrasting colors, a shed dormer, and modern twists like dark wood doors. The air of poise must permeate through immediately – whether it’s through a glowing landscape lighting or concrete pavers. Your home is your main way of making a statement like this.  

    Modern Mountain

    The design looks as distinct and unique as it sounds. You can take inspiration from the example of a house in Montana. The excellent farmhouse silhouette will go breathtakingly well with soft massings of native plants. Expansive windows will speak modernity just as well as flat roofs will, and there will be an exceptional trendy flair with terraced steel planters and simplistic detailing. This design is unique as it showcases an elegant example of what you get when you blend the mountain locale with classic craftsmanship. 


    With a porch, you get a chance at exploring your interests while safely relying on architectural designs for your exterior. You can go for a natural landscape by choosing elements you’ll add – think lumber, stonework, and patios. You can also pick something softer and subtle, for example, the traditional limewash for the brick exterior. Many people choose to add wood sidings, rock details, and other appealing things to their exterior. A porch can also give you a pleasant front yard, which is always a win.  

    Beachy Farmhouse

    This trendy design for the exterior is successful for a reason. It splays out the summer vibes in an excellent manner. If you want a little summer from the South in your home, overflowing window boxes will set up the picture well. Add white wood siding and a front porch set up that’s very welcome. Since the design comes with keeping the South in mind, a statement with a resilient metal roof with raised floor height manages to keep weather troubles away while maintaining a modern look.

    Indoor-outdoor living 

    There are multiple perks to houses fully open to the outdoors. Better natural airflow is one main reason, and so is more usable living space. This exterior works supremely when you connect the kitchen and living room to the platform deck with walls that slide open. You’ll have for yourself a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, and it’s not just easy but also unique and attention-grabbing. It’s confident, smooth, and modern.