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Top Ways To Cope With The Cold

    Winters have always been troublesome. Even as the temperature dips far below the average, hibernation is not the option for most of us. As we have to brave the winters to carry out the day, here are some points on making things bearable without being victims of flu and winter blues!

    Changes In Your Body During Winters

    Winters means longer nights and shorter days. Not to forget the cold that sets in. but how does the body change to accommodate the winter months? We all are warm-blooded animals. Our body temperature remains the same irrespective of the external temperatures. For this, the body uses a considerable amount of energy to raise the body temperature. The body burns the fats and other deposited reserves to supply the energy. This is why you are more hungry than usual. The winters also mean less exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D and induces the release of chemicals that make us feel good. However, with little sunlight to fill in, the ‘feel-good chemicals are not synthesized enough, leading us to crave things that give us joy. It is also the time of the year when loneliness hits hard. Hence, to beat both the cold winter and the winter blues, you need to prepare to fight the weather!

    Stay Healthy And Avoid Illness

    Take better care of your health during winters. Winters attract diseases, but even worse, it is difficult to recover from them during the cold winters as your body utilizes a lot more energy to maintain the temperature than otherwise. You are bound to get fatigued easily if you don’t satisfy the requirement. Eat healthily and exercise daily to keep the body active and agile. Feed on the right kind of food like nuts and fatty oils. This ample supply of fats keeps your body warm and is an excellent source of energy. 

    Don’t Be Ignorant About Meals

    Though the winters may prompt you to indulge in anything and everything to keep yourself full, here are some facts that you should not overlook while planning your meals.

      1. Winter is the time where you are at risk of catching the flu. Hence, don’t let your guard down on immunity boosters.
      2. Replace soups in place of all unhealthy carvings. 
      3. Have a generous dose of green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach.
      4. Include products that let you have an alternate supply of vitamin D.
      5. Hydrating yourself is a must. Your body requires water for metabolic functions. Since water loss is less in winters, you don’t need to stick to a 2 or 3 liters plan. However, make sure you have six to eight glasses of water per day. 

    Take Care Of Your Skin

    One thing that bears the maximum burnt of the season is our skin. The harsh weather leaves you with dry and flaky skin. Lock the moisture by hydrating the skin with suitable lotion. Splash lotion generously over your skin after bathing. While taking a bath, stay clear of too hot showers. Hot waters strip the body moisture, making it dry. Hence, try to bathe in warm rather than hot showers. 

    Bundle Up

    Cold winters require a proficient heating system to fight through. But, bundling up will help you warmer than the heating system can provide. Layering is the key here. The layers of cloth trap the air, insulating you from the cold. Wear clothes which are made for the weather. Even when you are at home, keep yourself covered. Your hands, legs, and ears are some parts that are more susceptible to loss of body heat. Hence, take special care in keeping them covered and conserving the body heat. Also, make sure to cover your chest correctly to don’t catch a cold!


    The best way to escape the cold would be to avoid it to the maximum. But, sadly our lifestyle won’t allow us the same. But as you move around, make sure you conserve as much body heat as possible, especially for kids. Relish on the delicacies that the season offers and bring a cozy atmosphere in the homes so that everyone can tide over the harsh weather with glee!