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Trendy Countertop Kitchen Appliances

    In this post, we focus on trendy countertop appliances that you may want to consider; some are very intriguing and benefit any kitchen. If you find something you are interested in, you can click on each picture, and it will take you to more information about that product so you can do your own research. When buying a countertop appliance, the thing to consider is, will you regularly use it, is it something that saves time and is it easy to clean. Almost everything on this list fits that criteria. We hope you find something fun and new for your kitchen.  

    Steam Ovens

    It relies entirely on steam that is super-heated while cooking foods. No oils, fats, or other additions are required while preparing a meal. It is about a microwave’s size, and a wall kitchen cabinet is where it is built. It is a very flexible oven and helps steam fish and vegetables, etc., keeping your food warm. And even prepare the bread dough for proving. This appliance has carbon dioxide that can be refilled using cans that usually makes 60 liters of fizzy beverage. 

    Rapid Egg Cooker

    You need this small, lightweight, and efficient appliance if you love cooking eggs. This device steams your eggs, and you don’t even have to set a timer for it. It uses very little water and gets the work done.  

    Soda Makers

    A home soda maker is a handy appliance, especially when you have a healthy diet and cutting on sodium and sugar. It fits all the requirements and is pocket friendly, and gives healthier soda than the market packed ones that come with additives.  

    Food Processor 

    Food processors are excellent and quite extensive appliances; they chop grounding slicing salad dressing, and other such tedious jobs. It can also ground up oats, nuts, and dates.

    Air Fryer / Pressure Cooker

    These cookers have always been found in commercial kitchens, and not until recently have they found their place in households.  You can buy a NINJA Foodi- pressure cooker and an air fryer, two in one.  

    Espresso Machine

    This appliance decreases the effort of hissing steam and replaces it with an automated machine that grinds brews, and tamps all together with minimal effort. Unlike the regular espresso machines that brew a continuous stream and makes just one cup, this one makes much more than just one cup of an instant coffee pot.

    Toaster Ovens

    If your kitchen has spare countertop space, a good toaster oven with power convection is a luxury. It has a lot to offer, besides making toast and just reheating food. It gets wholly preheated in five minutes. The oven can bake cakes, cookies and pies, pizzas, etc. You don’t need your whole kitchen to be heated. It has plenty of space when you guests over.

    Wine Coolers

    It isn’t for everybody, but it is fun and gadgetry. It isn’t just gadgetry but even advanced and efficient. It allows you to maintain adequate temperatures for  bottles separately as well as preserve and dispense 

    Immersion Blender

    This appliance can be used for Shrimp and Grits,  Jamaican Jerk Bowls sauce,  and balsamic dressing, to name a few.

    Kitchenaid Mixer

    It isn’t a surprising appliance because mixers have always been the most needed item on a wedding registry. This item replaces numerous appliances because of its interchangeable qualities, which detach the parts and perform tasks other than just a mixer. It is available in fernet sizes and matches your kitchen accessories; it would give your kitchen display an excellent look. It can make chocolate chip cookies, double cheese grits, casserole mixes, cheese balls, etc. 

    Vitamix Blender

    This tool is super useful, and you must have it in your kitchen. It gets everything you need to be done! It heats for soup, blends for smoothies, freezes for cocktails purees for dips and sauces.  Vitamix Blender The popular blender has a cheaper alternative, called the Dash Blender. 

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